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Eventide Releases UltraTap Plug-In
First of the H9 Plug-in Series is a unique multi-tap delay

03-Aug-17    full story...

Eventide's Digital Delay With An Analog Soul
Euro DDL brings delays to Eurorack rigs

13-Jul-17    full story...

Eventide Announces New UltraTap Plug-in
Multi-tap effect is capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs and more

13-Jul-17    full story...

Eventide Releases First Structural Effect
FISSION completely separates the transient and tonal components

28-Feb-17    full story...

Eventide Teases Structural Effects
Fundamental building blocks of sound re-imagined to create new plug-ins

10-Jan-17    full story...

What's In The Eventide Pipeline?
Eventide posts a video teaser of new products in development

20-Dec-16    full story...

  Want To Hear Eventide Pedals On A New MiniMoog Model D?
Thought so, Space, ModFactor, Time Factor and Pitch Factor

13-Dec-16    full story...

Software Version Of The Original Harmonizer
Eventide releases the H910 native plug-in

13-Jul-16    full story...

Tony Visconti Demonstrates Eventide's Tverb
David Bowie's producer shows off the plug-in that recreates the Heroes sound - video

23-May-16    full story...

MESSE 2016: Plug-In For Bowie's Heroes Reverb
Eventide teams with Tony Visconti to create Tverb, based on his Berlin 3-mic technique

08-Apr-16    full story...

Eventide Octavox Now Available Separately
Anthology X bundle Harmonizer plug-in released in Native AAX, AU, and VST formats

02-Feb-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: New Algorithm For Eventide H9 Stompbox
SpaceTime runs 3 effects at once

19-Jan-16    full story...

Eventide Releases H3000 Band Delays Plug-in
Manipulate up to 8 voices by frequency, resonance, filter type, delay time, volume and panning

03-Dec-15    full story...

  Eventide H9 Harmonizer and More
Multi-effects for the guitarist live or in the studio

13-Jul-15    full story...

Eventide Tease New H9 Algorithm
Sounds like its more, guitar-y

17-Jun-15    full story...

Eventide Plug-In Updated And On Offer
Get $150 off the H3000 Factory plug-in for AAX, VST, and AU

08-Apr-15    full story...

Win An Eventide Multi-FX Stompbox
H9 MAX Spring Giveway announced

07-Apr-15    full story...

Max Out Your Eventide H9 For Less
Deal offers 50% off before April 1st

26-Mar-15    full story...

Eventide H9 Gets A Looper
Free looper algorithm for all H9 users for a limited time

17-Feb-15    full story...

Eventide Updates TimeFactor With New Looper
Host of new features and compatibility with H9 Control app added

11-Dec-14    full story...

The Utimate Eventide Stompbox
H9 MAX is pre-loaded with everything from all four Eventide stompboxes plus H9 exclusive algorithms in perpetuity

25-Nov-14    full story...

Eventide Announces Strategic Partnership With Yamaha
Developing signature effects for RIVAGE PM10 flagship console

20-Nov-14    full story...

Eventide Releases UltraReverb Plug-In
Dongless reverb plug-in debuts for special intro price through October 17th

16-Sep-14    full story...

Eventide Gives Away New Native Plug-In
UltraChannel channel strip is freely downloadable until July 8th

12-Jun-14    full story...

Eventide Releases 500 Series Delay
DDL-500 is now available

30-May-14    full story...

Eventide Updates H9 Control App
Now supports ModFactor, PitchFactor and Space stopboxes

28-May-14    full story...

Eventide Adds EQ To The H9
Control software upgrade for Windows, Mac, and iOS includes new effect

21-May-14    full story...

Eventide H3000 Factory And Blackhole Updates
64-bit plug-ins now dongle-free compatible with Pro Tools 11, VST Mac and PC and AU

01-Apr-14    full story...

Eventide Announces H9 Core
Un-bundled H9 Harmonizer stomp box offers same sound and features for 20% less

22-Jan-14    full story...

Plug-In Characterizes Music's Emotional Content
Eventide releases a free trial version of Mood

19-Dec-13    full story...

The Mixing Link
Eventide introduces high-quality mic pre with effects loop and phantom power

13-Nov-13    full story...

A New Sound For Eventide Stompbox
H9 gets a Resonator algorithm

30-Oct-13    full story...

Power For Hungry Pedals
Eventide announces new PowerFactor 2 stompbox power solution

10-Oct-13    full story...

Eventide Plug-Ins For Pro Tools 11
Eventide announces 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor for AAX2

17-Sep-13    full story...

Eventide's H9 Harmonizer Is Now Available
Compact stompbox runs full catalog of effects and features wireless remote control

26-Jun-13    full story...

WNAMM13: New Eventide Do-It-All Stompbox
H9 Harmonizer can run all of Eventide's stompbox effects

24-Jan-13    full story...

H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer In A Plug-In
Eventide ships the H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer native modular multi-effect sound creation plug-in

23-Oct-12    full story...

Eventide Offer Extended
Buy a stompbox and get a free plug-in until the end of the month

09-Aug-12    full story...

  WNAMM12: Eventide Show Off Their Space Updates
We call it Freeverb, and we love it

20-Jan-12    full story...

  Review: Eventide Space Reverb And Beyond
Studio grade reverbs and more in a pedal

11-Oct-11    full story...

Space Ships
Eventide's new Reverb stompbox is now available

09-Mar-11    full story...

WNAMM11: Eventide Adds To Their Stompbox Range
Space features 12 of Eventide's signature reverb combination effects

13-Jan-11    full story...

Eventide Upgrades Stompboxes
Version 3 software adds preset naming and output level control to TimeFactor, ModFactor and PitchFactor

03-Dec-10    full story...

Eventide 99 Dollar October Offers
H910 and H949 Harmonizer TDM plug-in specially priced for the month of October

06-Oct-10    full story...

Eventide Video Contest Winner Announced
Watch the video and find out why the winner loves his Eventide stompbox

27-Sep-10    full story...

  Amped:Eventide PitchFactor Stomp
Pitch effects for live and studio

20-Sep-10    full story...

Anthology II Upgrade Special Extended
Eventide keep plug-in bundle price discounted until the end of the month

03-Sep-10    full story...

Eventide Space Station SST-282 On Offer
60% September discount on TDM plug-in recreation of the Ursa Major Space Station multi-tap delay

02-Sep-10    full story...

Eventide Upgrade The H8000FW
Version 5.5 adds Windows 7 and Snow Leopard compatibility, system enhancements and all of the TimeFactor and ModFactor effects and presets

12-Aug-10    full story...

Eventide H3000 Effects For Pro Tools Discounted
Pro Tools TDM users can get H3000 Band Delays for 199 dollars for the month of August

03-Aug-10    full story...

Eventide Anthology II Upgrade Special
Eventide plug-in owners can upgrade to the all-inclusive Anthology II bundle for discounted prices until the end of August

07-Jul-10    full story...

Eventide To Distribute Princeton Digital Plug-Ins
Initial special offer on Reverb 2016 TDM plug-in bundle

05-Jul-10    full story...

Eventide Plug-Ins On Offer
EQ65 filter set and EQ45 parametric equalizer plug-in combo for only $199 during June

02-Jun-10    full story...

Why I Love My Eventide Stompbox
Eventide launches video contest to win an Eclipse V4

31-May-10    full story...

Ultra-Harmonizer For Pro Tools Discounted
Eventide May Sale offers the H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer TDM plug-in for 199 dollars

04-May-10    full story...

Cash For Clunkers
Eventide announces hardware trade-up offer

23-Apr-10    full story...

Eventide Reverb Plug-In Discounted
Available for 70% discount during March

04-Mar-10    full story...

Eclipse Eclipsed By New Version
Eventide release Eclipse V4 with new distortion algorithm plus TimeFactor and ModFactor effects

26-Oct-09    full story...

Eventide Stompboxes Updated
TimeFactor and ModFactor get a software update with new features and presets

28-Sep-09    full story...

Henry Kaiser Bigs Up Eventide
Grammy-nominated guitarist adds TimeFactor and PitchFactor stompboxes to his rig

10-Aug-09    full story...

Eventide Update PitchFactor OS
User-driven Features and Enhancement

10-Jun-09    full story...

  AMPED: Eventide ModFactor Stompbox
Modulation effects for studio or live

05-Jun-09    full story...

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