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Overloud Introduces Sculpture
Plug-in is designed to recreate authentic tube coloration to warm up your tracks

06-Dec-17    full story...

Enhancement Plug-In Based On Tape Encoding
Overloud's Dopamine emulates two classic tape encoding processors, used as enhancers

13-Jun-17    full story...

Class-A British EQ Plug-In
Overloud introduces EQ84 for Mac and Windows

23-May-17    full story...

Tape Machine Plus Console Plug-In
Overloud TAPEDESK recreates the entire analog path to and from the tape machine

03-May-17    full story...

Plug-In Recreates Legendary Analog EQ
Overloud's EQ495 is based on EQ originally created for a vinyl transfer console

03-Apr-17    full story...

NAMM 2017: Overloud Emulates Classic FET Compressor
Comp76 aims to go beyond the hardware with added features

23-Jan-17    full story...

New REmatrix Library
Overloud releases Drive Blast set of impulse responses and presets

15-May-15    full story...

REmatrix Expansion Library
Overloud releases REXP with 125 new IRs and 100 presets

20-Mar-15    full story...

Free IRs And Presets For REmatrix
Overloud updates their convolution reverb plug-in

19-Nov-14    full story...

Multilayered Convolution Reverb
Overloud's REmatrix allows the mixing of up to 5 IRs to create complex spaces

27-Aug-14    full story...

Reverb Plug-In Updated
Overloud releases BREVERB 2 with an introductory offer

04-Nov-11    full story...

Major Update For Software Guitar Effect Suite
Overloud releases TH2 with models of Randall, Brunetti and THD amps

14-Dec-10    full story...

Spring Reverb Simulation
Overloud announce the release of SpringAge plug-in

28-Sep-10    full story...

Plug-In Effect Suite For Keyboard Players
Overloud releases VKFX - Vintage Keyboard FX Suite

01-Jul-10    full story...

Overloud Promotion
Breverb and TH1 on sale at a reduced price

29-Mar-10    full story...

Overloud Goes 64-Bit
BREVERB and TH1 updated

17-Feb-10    full story...

Guitar Effect Plug-in
Overloud TH1 released

24-Nov-08    full story...

Reverb Plug-In Updated
Overloud releases Breverb version 1.5

01-Jul-08    full story...

Breverb Ships
Plug-in that emulates hardware reverb units in sound and operation available now

18-Sep-07    full story...

WNAMM07: Plug-In Emulates Hardware Reverbs
Overloud announces BREVERB

18-Jan-07    full story...

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