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  MESSE 2017: Focusrite Show Red4 Pre and Red8 Pre
Two New Interfaces from Audio Gurus

18-Apr-17    full story...

Focusrite Simplifies Interface And Pro Tools Combinations
An easier way to combine Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre interfaces with Pro Tools | HD 12.6

06-Feb-17    full story...

Focusrite Red 8Pre Is Now Available
Flagship interface features 8 digitally-controlled mic preamps

01-Feb-17    full story...

NAMM 2017: Two New Focusrite Mic Pres
Scarlett OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic are eight-channel units

20-Jan-17    full story...

iOS Control Of Focusrite Interfaces
Free Focusrite Control desktop app lets you adjust settings from iPhone or iPad

21-Oct-16    full story...

8 Focusrite Mic Pres Plus 192kHz A-D/D-A In One Affordable Box
Clarett OctoPre is an I/O expansion kit for Clarett or any interface with ADAT I/O

14-Oct-16    full story...

Focusrite Announces Red 8Pre Interface
Focusrite's 'best interface yet' gains eight mic pres plus additional I/O

28-Sep-16    full story...

Focusrite Launches Plug-In Collective
Monthly plug-in deals announced for registered customers

04-Aug-16    full story...

Focusrite Audio Interface Range Improved
The Second Generation of Scarlett delivers Focusrite's fastest USB performance yet

08-Jun-16    full story...

Focusrite's Flagship Red Interface Shipping
Red 4Pre features 58-Input/64-Output Thunderbolt Connectivity

10-May-16    full story...

Focusrite Announces Best Interface Yet
Red 4Pre is a 58 In / 64 Out Thunderbolt 2 and Pro Tools | HD compatible audio interface with Dante

18-Mar-16    full story...

New Focusrite Audio Interface Available
Clarett 4Pre 18 x 8 Thunderbolt interface hits the stores

05-Feb-16    full story...

Focusrite Introduces RedNet A16R
16-Channel Analog I/O for the RedNet range of Dante-based interfaces

02-Feb-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: Avid/Focusrite Alliance Announced
Joint commitment to provide Pro Tools users with the best possible audio interface and DAW experience

25-Jan-16    full story...

Focusrite Expands RedNet Range
New models in Focusrite's Dante-based networked audio range feature power supply and Ethernet redundancy

23-Apr-15    full story...

Win A Record Deal With Focusrite
YouTube video contest announced

11-Mar-15    full story...

Focusrite Launches Heritage Competition
Win a mix with Damian Taylor

03-Mar-15    full story...

  NAMM 2015: Focusrite Clarett Thunderbolt Interfaces
Focusrite's new range covers full price range

30-Jan-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Focusrite Plug-Ins For Pro Tools
Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite feature 64-bit AU, VST and AAX compatibility

23-Jan-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Recording On Lightning iPads Facilitated
Focusrite relaunches iTrack Solo and iTrack Studio - now with Lightning compatibility

22-Jan-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: New Focusrite Thunderbolt Interfaces
The Clarett range are claimed to be the best sounding, fastest Thunderbolt interfaces

22-Jan-15    full story...

Record Better Quality Audio For iPhone Vids
Focusrite iTrack Pocket aims to benefit singer songwriters who make YouTube videos

03-Sep-14    full story...

Focusrite Introduces Pack For iPad Recording
iTrack Dock Studio Pack includes mic, headphones and cabling

22-Aug-14    full story...

Free Focusrite Plug-in Suite With Audio Interface
Buy a Saffire PRO and get Midnight featuring modelled Focusrire ISA EQ and compressor

19-Aug-14    full story...

Focusrite Announces Most Affordable Interface Ever
Scarlett Solo will be available soon

15-Aug-14    full story...

Win A Focusrite ISA One
Scarlett Fever promotion launched - buy an interface for a chance to win the preamp

03-Jun-14    full story...

New Focusrite Audio Interface
Saffire PRO 26 is FireWire/Thunderbolt compatible

16-May-14    full story...

Win Studio Gear
Focusrite launches Spring draw for UK purchasers of Focusrite, Novation or KRK products

30-Apr-14    full story...

  MESSE 2014: Focusrite RedNet - Audio Networking
In a lovely red Focusrite classic case

13-Mar-14    full story...

Win A Dream Recording Weekend At AIR Studios
Record a track in London with Grammy award-winning Producer, Guy Massey

21-Feb-14    full story...

The Story Of The Focusrite Studio
New video documentary tells the story of the legendary recording console

21-Feb-14    full story...

  iPad Recording With Focusrite's iTrack Dock
New iPad interface features Focusrite mic preamps and comprehensive connectivity

17-Jan-14    full story...

Put A Focusrite Mic Pre In Your Lunchbox
Red 1 500 Series Mic Pre is now available

18-Oct-13    full story...

Free Focusrite Recording App
Tape for iPad is available now

20-Aug-13    full story...

Two New Focusrite Audio Interfaces
Scarlett 6i6 and Scarlett 18i8 make their debut

07-May-13    full story...

New Focusrite 18-In 20-Out Audio Interface
Scarlett 18i20 USB 2.0 interface unveiled

10-Jan-13    full story...

Focusrite Red Mic Pre Returns
Now in a 500 series version for your lunchbox

10-Jan-13    full story...

Focusrite Launches Complete Recording Package
Scarlett Studio includes audio interface, mic, headphones, DAW and more

04-Jan-13    full story...

Another New Focusrite Audio Interface
2i4 is the latest addition to the Scarlett range of USB 2.0 audio interfaces

14-Sep-12    full story...

Focusrite Launches New Flagship Interface
Forte portable audio interface is the pinnacle of the company's design and technology

06-Sep-12    full story...

Record On Your iPad With A Focusrite Mic Preamp
Focusrite announces the iTrack Solo 2-channel interface for the iOS platform

05-Sep-12    full story...

Win a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 With a Comment
Last comment wins competition starts now

14-Aug-12    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
96kHz 2 channel USB Audio interface

02-Aug-12    full story...

  BPM11: Quick Look Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Affordable, high quality IO

04-Oct-11    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Focusrite VRM Box Review
Virtual Speaker and Room Modeling

23-Jun-11    full story...

WNAMM11: More Details on Focusrite RedNet
A new suite of products targeted for the professional studio environment

24-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Focusrite RedNet
Studio audio networking 128 IO 3ms delay

21-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Box Of Tricks From Focusrite
The VRM Box - your new best friend

14-Jan-11    full story...

New Focusrite Plug-In Suite
Midnight models the sound of the ISA110 and ISA130 modules, created from the Forté console

22-Nov-10    full story...

New Audio Interface From Focusrite
Focusrite announce the Saffire PRO 14, a 8 in / 6 out FireWire audio interface

11-Aug-10    full story...

Focusrite Add To ISA Range with ISA428 MKII
Four channel mic pre and converter

28-Jul-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Focusrite Introduce OctoPre MkII Dynamics
New unit features eight Focusrite mic pres with compression on every channel plus 24/96 ADAT I/O

21-Jan-10    full story...

Sonar And Focusrite Saffire Pro Setup Video
If you need to know, check here

30-Nov-09    full story...

Focusrite Releases Plug-In Suite
Scarlett features professional dynamics processing, EQ and reverb

30-Oct-09    full story...

Focusrite Launch New USB Audio Interface
Company claim that the Saffire 6 USB is its most affordable to date, and the best-sounding interface in its class

15-Sep-09    full story...

Focusrite Unveil Multi-Channel Mic-Pre
OctoPre MkII features eight channels of pre-amplification and a built-in 24-bit/96kHz ADAT output

15-Sep-09    full story...

Focusrite Completes Its Saffire Range
Saffire PRO 24 DSP with VRM Monitoring Technology is shipping now

25-Aug-09    full story...

Red Retired
Focusrite announce discontinuation of the Red 3 Dual Compressor / Limiter

24-Aug-09    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Focusrite Saffire Pro24 FireWire I/Face
16 in 8 Out - does it rock?

31-Jul-09    full story...

Focusrite Launch Saffire PRO 24 DSP
All the power of Saffire PRO 24 but now with added DSP

06-Jul-09    full story...

  LIMS09: Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
Plenty of IO at a good price.

16-Jun-09    full story...

Focusrite Audio Interface Ships
The Liquid Saffire 56 is now widely available

04-Jun-09    full story...

Liquid Mix Update
New Compression and EQ Emulations available for download from Focusrite

22-May-09    full story...

Pro Tools Integration For Liquid 4PRE
Focusrite release Liquid 4PRE's Pro Tools TDM/RTAS control plug-in

05-Mar-09    full story...

WNAMM09: Focusrite Fuses Two Technologies
The new Liquid Saffire 56 is an audio interface with liquid technology

15-Jan-09    full story...

WNAMM09: Focusrite Plug-Ins
Focusrite announce two plug-in suites

15-Jan-09    full story...

AES08SF: Focusrite Firewire Audio Interface
Saffire PRO 40 represents the new generation of Focusrite multi-channel interfaces

03-Oct-08    full story...

AES08SF: Focusrite Forte Suite
Channel strip plug-in brings Focusrite’s sonic signature to Pro Tools

03-Oct-08    full story...

AES08SF: Liquid Mix For Pro Tools HD
Focusrite Compression and EQ plug-in available inside the Pro Tools HD environment

03-Oct-08    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Focusrite LiquidMix 16 Powers Up Your Mix
Shorn Rah takes a look

19-Sep-08    full story...

More Awards For Liquid Technology
Focusrite 4PRE nominated for TEC award

25-Jul-08    full story...

  MESSE08: Liquid Look
Focusrites talk us through Liquid Mix 16 and the Liquid 4 Pre Pro Tools plug-in

13-Mar-08    full story...

MESSE08: More Liquid Mix
Focusrite launch 16 channel version of the compression and EQ tool

12-Mar-08    full story...

WNAMM08: New Focusrite Mic Amp
The ISA One is a classic single-channel pre-amp

17-Jan-08    full story...

Focusrite Converter Available
Eight channel A-D converter for the Focusrite ISA828 is now shipping

02-Jan-08    full story...

Can You Hear The Difference?
Take up the Focusrite Liquid Mix Challenge - classic hardware or emulation?

04-Dec-07    full story...

Focusrite Liquid Technology Wins More Awards
Liquid Mix is best hardware signal processor at TEC awards in NYC

23-Oct-07    full story...

Focusrite Announce New ISA Preamp
ISA 828 offers 8 channels and optional A/D conversion

13-Aug-07    full story...

Liquid Mix v2.0 Now Available
Functional features for Focusrite’s DSP Compression and EQ processor

16-Jul-07    full story...

  Liquid Mix Upgrade
Version 2 of the Focusrite compression and EQ processing solution adds improved functionality

23-Mar-07    full story...

WNAMM07: New Saffire Surfaces
Focusrite launch the fourth Saffire solution – the Saffire PRO 10 i/o

18-Jan-07    full story...

World Video Exclusive: Focusrite Saffire Pro i/o Reviewed
Shorn Rah and a couple of hot performers take a look

24-Nov-06    full story...

Liquid Mix Now Available For PC
Focusrite release Liquid Mix version 1.5

20-Nov-06    full story...

  Review Coming - Focusrite Saffire Pro
World Exclusive with Shorn at SonicLabs

12-Nov-06    full story...

Focusrite’s Liquid Technology Patented
Patents protect Dynamic Convolution process

26-Sep-06    full story...

Liquid Mix Flows Into Stores
Focusrite’s Liquid Mix is now shipping worldwide

11-Jul-06    full story...

Focusrite Launch Saffire LE
Focusrite brings its FireWire Saffire power to the masses with the more affordable LE

09-May-06    full story...

  MESSE06: Liquid Mix Detailed
Rob Jones takes us through

30-Mar-06    full story...

  MESSE06: Focusrite Announce Liquid Mix
A revolutionary liquid multi-channel firewire mix processor

29-Mar-06    full story...

NAMM06: EXCLUSIVE: Focusrite Hardware
New Saffire Pro 26 i/o FireWire Interface.

20-Jan-06    full story...

Focusrite Saffire v2.0 is a Free Updgrade
Enhanced 192kHz and FireWire operation plus UI tweaks

21-Dec-05    full story...

  MESSE05: Focusrite Firewire Interface is Live
Production models, see the software too

14-Apr-05    full story...

NAMM: Focusrite Launches OctoPre LE DAW and Digital Console Interface
Entry level version of OctoPre...

19-Jan-05    full story...

NAMM: Focusrite TrakMaster joins the Pros
Bang for your buck alert

19-Jan-05    full story...

NAMM: Focusrite Announce FireWire I/O
4 in 10 out, DSP and 192/24bit spec.

18-Jan-05    full story...

Focusrite And Novation Merge
A interesting blend of technologies eh?

12-Jul-04    full story...

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