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Podcast: Sonic TALK 159 - The Singing Paperclip
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Looking forward to listening this one! Listening to the live recording was - as usual - fun and once more I'd like to thank you Nick for all the work in this decade, not only on this podcast but in setting up Sonic State and giving us news on all the new cool gear as well as fantastic footage from shows like NAMM! Have a well earned rest during the holidays and don't eat too much turkey! :-) See you guys in 2010 when it'll slowly go towards podcast 200...

24-Dec-09 03:12 AM

hui    Said...

Thanks to Nick and the gang for another great year of podcasts!

24-Dec-09 04:06 AM

U Franklin    Said...

Thanks for another year of great podcasts. I listen every week.

24-Dec-09 07:30 AM

Saxon    Said...

Happy Xmas from the great white north!!

Looking forward to another great year of Sonic State podcasts!!!

24-Dec-09 04:47 PM

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