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Podcast: Sonic TALK 165 - Gleefully Grabbing The Knob
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KingVidiot    Said...

I was gleefully "grabbing the knob" while I was listening to this. Oops... I shouldn't admit such things in public.

18-Feb-10 08:49 PM

MPS    Said...

I can't believe they have this title and only have one comment! No, wait... two comments.

19-Feb-10 08:25 AM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

put it out there, I'd like a large touch screen big enough for all tone tweekers gear (1 at a time) and GFORCE software driving it, in a keyboard.

19-Feb-10 08:46 PM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

a banjo and a canoe with bass a banjo and a cognac a banjo and a Juno 106 wind sound

19-Feb-10 08:59 PM

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