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Hit Albums Are Going Extinct
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CI    Said...

A la carte download is indeed changing the game. Who wants to buy those dreaded filler song that fills half of an album ?

We reach the point where an artist can only release great stuff. I think this is good.

But this is bad for agents, they prefer to milk one fat cow instead of 10 skinny ones.

The world is changing, there are no shortage of musician. DAW revolution permits now to independant musician to release professional production at at low cost.

Who's complaining ? People who are living on the back of musicians. And musicians that expect to live like the 80ies rockstars. Maybe the musician profession is reverting back to the level in term of incomes of painters, sculptors and such artist.

04-Jun-10 08:55 PM

SDDGGHQ    Said...

As one of those independent artists selling music through digital download, I totally agree, we're putting it out there with the hope that people will like it and listen to the message, we're not looking for ridiculous wealth, or even mediocre wealth, just some artistic recognition. we dont write the songs for fun, we write them because we have things in our hearts and minds and they NEED to be communicated. check us out

06-Jun-10 05:35 AM

thejohn    Said...

I agree with everything said above. Good point Cl about " Who wants to buy those dreaded filler song that fills half of an album ?" and about milking the one fat cow. Totally true, and now that they (bigmusic)try to squeeze the last drop, it gets sour. The only bigmusic that is still making $$ is the Hiphop industry over here (the states). But that's not a big deal as the latest contributions from that genre do little to evolve music overall.

11-Jun-10 10:24 PM

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