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Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making 003
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Z    Said...

To Robbie & Nick- I Just wanted to say that I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this series.

20-Jul-10 09:58 AM

clay    Said...

>To Robbie & Nick- I Just wanted to say that I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this series. +1 excellent series!

20-Jul-10 10:31 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Agreed, very cool series. Also, aside from the great content I really like the production on these.

20-Jul-10 11:35 AM

Ron    Said...

the strings were lovely what vst did you use

20-Jul-10 12:34 PM

Aron    Said...

Yes, Excellent series. Great content. I'm really enjoying this as well. Thanks for your efforts.

20-Jul-10 04:05 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

Thanks for the kind comments. The strings are the AudioBro LA Scoring Strings that run as a Kontakt 4 instrument.

20-Jul-10 05:41 PM

MFur    Said...

It's very interesting to watch this episodes. Good luck on the project! ;) I am looking forward to see new episode!

21-Jul-10 01:41 AM

Sticks Man    Said...

Yes I too thoroughly enjoy these types of video blogs and related content from Sonic State. Keep it up!

21-Jul-10 04:57 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hey Robbie, smart idea hitting the TC u can still send it back claiming the delivery guy dropped it... ;-) Interesting production methods I see so far !!!

21-Jul-10 07:34 AM

BK    Said...

Love how there are so many episodes already - very consistent! Loving every minute!

21-Jul-10 07:36 PM

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