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MESSE11: Mother Of God - Its The Schmidt Polysynth
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robgs    Said...

Amazing synth. Who is this guy?

07-Apr-11 02:44 PM

duder    Said...

Did... did you touch it?

07-Apr-11 03:15 PM

UniQue Werkx    Said...

*picks_chin_up_off_floor* Speechless....

07-Apr-11 03:20 PM


very impressive, hope he manages to get it to market.

07-Apr-11 03:37 PM

Brandon    Said...

Well done and congratulations. It sounds stunning and looks fantastic.Very impressive.Wonderfull design and panel layout.!!

07-Apr-11 03:46 PM

hogberto    Said...

'Messe Schmidt'. i see what you did there.

07-Apr-11 07:01 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

I'm selling my house so I can pay for one ;)

07-Apr-11 07:05 PM

al    Said...

whoa. i need new underwear. JA.

07-Apr-11 08:29 PM

eXode    Said...

Goodbye kidney... Hello Schmidt Polysynth

08-Apr-11 12:30 AM

Steveo    Said...

Holy crap - that is just plain Awesome !! The coolest synth i;ve seen for years ! Herr Schmidt is a genius.

08-Apr-11 09:05 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

It's like a $200,000.00 car, only rich kids will own one. Very cool looking but I cannot afford to own one usless it goes into full production for musicians. What does this guy have in mind by building this synth. Maybe he will sell it to Roland or Korg:)

08-Apr-11 09:39 AM

t5iuE    Said...

I don't care if I'm ever able to afford one...kudos to this gentleman for building something so beautifully designed, great sounding and unique.


08-Apr-11 06:58 PM

Psysutra    Said...


09-Apr-11 11:38 AM

P    Said...

I happened to be there and watch/listen up close. Absolutely stunning craftmanship - not just the electronics/musicality, but also the wood- and metalwork. This is totally mind-blowing top-notch!

09-Apr-11 11:55 AM

lorne in Canada    Said...

Beautiful implimentation, and his MAM 303 was one of teh best early clones, and that means he has taken machines successfully to market in the past. Recosting from prototype to machine assembled boards will bring costs down very quickly. My questions are: sequencer? arpegiation which relates to the question of it begging for a ribbon controller, but not an old Moog one, one more like the poly ribbon made to go with the Klee or the splitable arpegiator ribbon Kurzweil had. Also sequencing analog and digital storage? polyphonic with independently voiced sequences? Lastly no discussion of cv/gate interface, my quadra takes 6 pedals.

09-Apr-11 01:11 PM

Gustavo    Said...

I want one... when I get like 20,000 USD I'll look for the guy throw him money and have him make one :P

09-Apr-11 01:23 PM

lorne in Canada    Said...


09-Apr-11 01:45 PM

Shaun Aisbitt    Said...

Now if he put in a multi-step sequencer, ribbon controler, breath controler (used by yamaha on some early synths / keyboards to good effect), sound input (like a vocoder) and some form of way to transfer presets like sd card or usb drive, then he would have the ultimate system! I noticed he didn't have many waveforms though, so maybe some form of touch screen waveform designer too?! But no matter what I or anyone else would add, I'm sure he probably thought of it but didn't implement it because of cost / space / or that it didn't fit in with the analogue description like the classic analogue synths. Having said that, I'm sure he could have easily included a gerbil pruner / mellon baller / extendable shoe horn and tin opener! after all, is this not the swiss army knife of synths? ;-)

09-Apr-11 09:57 PM

dragoonstar1    Said...

"Hey" does anyone remmeber the WAVE by WALDORF Gmb, just checking?

10-Apr-11 02:40 AM

Huge Tube    Said...

this luxus monster will unfortunately disappear and go out of buisiness very soon like many others that come and go forever.Do you remember Sunsyn, Andromeda, Axel Hartmann-synth and ...? They let you alone with the bugs in your synth and updates are no more avaible.I know some hopeless angry owners of such monsters who are waiting for updates since years.

10-Apr-11 12:16 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Amazing. I hope he can bring it to market.

12-Apr-11 06:33 PM

Miek Wave    Said...

Holy Schmidt! 4 VCO * 8 Poly = 40 VCOscillators!

Imagine stacking a ultra saw in Unison on this thing

16-Apr-11 07:07 PM

Miek Wave    Said...

Holy Schmidt! 4 VCO * 8 Poly = 40 VCOscillators!

Imagine stacking a ultra saw in Unison on this thing

16-Apr-11 07:08 PM

Flippo    Said...

No, a misconception it's actually DCO's not VCO's. :(

19-May-11 06:37 PM

yawn    Said...

this interviewer dude asks the same boring, obvious, droll shitdick questions every year.

20-Jan-12 01:40 AM

Mather's Studios    Said...

It's about damned time. I am sick of reading about software synthesizers. These are the things of dreams and what made synthesizers the interesting things they were 30-40 years ago.

27-Jul-12 02:48 PM

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