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Venom Ships
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Synthman    Said...

There are lots of used ones on eBay already. How did these people get them and why are they selling them already.

09-Jun-11 11:11 AM

nick b    Said...

That is odd - I find that surprising - I suppose on the surface it can appear a little cheap feeling, but under the hood, the synth engine is amazing

10-Jun-11 04:38 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Venom has been available here in the USA for a couple of months already. Which had me scratching my head over this announcement.

Musician's Friend has 10 used ones for sale as of today!

10-Jun-11 08:16 AM

protech    Said...

That's because they are so hard to program without a computer and sound digital. I unloaded mine two weeks after I purchased it. And your are write it fells like a cheep plastic toy.

13-Jun-11 11:38 AM

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