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Sodasynth Runs Native In Chrome Browser
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MPS    Said...


21-Sep-11 08:04 AM

Sammy    Said...

This is clearly a portent of things to come. Android is next -- and if we're lucky, we'll get a true music-only-OS one day soon.

This is way-cooler than a lot of you may imagine. For one thing, the ASCII support is incredible. I HATE having to use my mouse for anything, especially for music DAW software. I long for the days when all synth and sequencer parameters were handled exclusively on my Ensoniq VFX-SD -- using nothing but buttons and sliders.

So -- what's it gonna be? Do you REALLY want to be at the mercy of Windows and Mac forever? Or are we ready to bust on out and start making some REAL music?

What is it gonna be?

21-Sep-11 10:55 PM

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