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Noel Gallagher Wants To Form A Supergroup
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Allan    Said...

Of course he'd have to learn to play the guitar first!

09-Oct-11 10:20 AM

Alansdad    Said...


Get on on with your homework. Your Dad.

10-Oct-11 10:02 AM

AlansDadsWife    Said...

Alan's Dad! I asked you to mow the lawn hours ago, stop looking at guitar-based news online!

Your wife.

10-Oct-11 10:36 AM

Alans dads wife's secretly intimate friend    Said...

hey Alans dad,

I borrowed your lawnmower.... and when I say borrowed I really mean lost.

Sorry about that

PS That aint isnt hairgel on your keyboard

10-Oct-11 06:42 PM

Alans dads wife's secretly intimate friend's dog    Said...


10-Oct-11 08:48 PM

Allan    Said...

I guess someone has been at the mushrooms again.

11-Oct-11 11:04 AM

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