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Think You Know A Modelled Strat From The Real Thing?
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Frank Lawrence    Said...

I could tell the clean electrics apart for all models. The real guitars sounded more open and had a bit more high end. I could not tell any of the crunch sounds apart at all. The acoustic had the biggest difference in sound, but I guessed wrong! The Line 6 acoustic sound had more top end than the real acoustic. Very interesting video. Thanks so much, and please so some more!

11-Oct-11 02:54 PM

Amped Rich    Said...

Funnily Enough I got the acoustic wrong as well! And it was definitely harder to tell apart when it was crunched, we will be doing a similar test with the Line 6 amp modelling software on our guitar show soon. If you search "Watts Up Guitar" on Youtube, you should find our show!

11-Oct-11 02:57 PM

The Redhat    Said...

I got 2 of the 3 clean electrics wrong, and all of the crunch sounds correct. I should have got the acoustic right, because I know I don't like the sound of piezos, but I picked the best acoustic sound as the real one. Way to go Variax!

11-Oct-11 11:15 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

I got the clean ones right and only few of the crunches.

12-Oct-11 08:29 PM

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