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Notation Editor For iPad
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timofte laurentiu    Said...

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19-Dec-11 07:32 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Is this promotion a con? I have 3GB free in my iPad and this app is 1.12GB in size - yet it will not install - it keeps telling me I don't have enough room. I know you need more room than the App to install it - but 3GB should be sufficient to install a 1GB App.

Coudl it be that Notion are blocking the install so they can claim they offered it for $0.99 but in reality will not allow anyone to buy it until it's $14.99.

I'll stand corrected if someone has managed to buy it - but it's surprising to me that a 1.12 GB App will not install on an iPad with 3GB of free space.

19-Dec-11 07:40 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Eventually got it to install - but it required me to delete a bunch of other apps! I stand corrected however and the $0.99 offer is real.

19-Dec-11 07:48 AM

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