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A New Generation Of MASCHINE
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Dr. Feelgood    Said...

Colored buttons and the bundling of a buzzy softsynth is not a meaningful update. WEAK.

29-Aug-12 04:39 PM

Obsolence    Said...

Hope they won't stop updates for the "old" Maschine, I just bought, in the near future.

29-Aug-12 05:23 PM

Truth    Said...

It looks like its targeting the "metro sexual."

29-Aug-12 05:27 PM

hmm    Said...

Didn't really read that properly, at first i thought it was Massive as DSP. No word on better quality pads. No real point upgrading. Hope they don't drop support for the original maschine's as far as software updates...

29-Aug-12 06:26 PM

geo303    Said...

The NI website has the info now, is a free upgrade to existing users software wise. The new hardware has color coding for pads, click switches on the buttons and improved pad response, also the displays are inverted by default. Not enough of a reason for an upgrade, but enough to make the akai vaporware products look even worse value!

29-Aug-12 07:10 PM

@blog_for_beats    Said...

Great for existing Maschine heads who dont't own Komplete!

30-Aug-12 05:26 AM

@blog_for_beats    Said...

Great for existing Maschine heads who dont't own Komplete!

30-Aug-12 05:26 AM

RP    Said...

NI have been amazing to their Maschine base to date, free upgrades with some huge leaps integrated (I would have actually paid for the plug in support), so hard to be harsh on them. But this is something I doubt too many existing users will fork our cash for, think they missed a trick.

That said, as a free upgrade with timestretch and Massive (much more than a mere buzzy softsynth IMHO) it's another win for existing users.

30-Aug-12 08:50 AM

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