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More Bhangra For The Buck
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Nodin    Said...

That's a creative answer to a dififcult question

25-May-13 02:59 AM

Arreerat    Said...

Any no. in the lst column can be wretitn as100(9-a)+10*6+alllrly in the 2nd column 100(8-b)+10*4+bin the 3rd 100(7-c)+10*8+c4th 100(10-d)+10*7+d5th 100(13-e)+10*5+etherefore their sum is100{47-(a+b+c+d+e)}+10*30+a+b+c+d+eie 100{47+3-(a+b+c+d+e)}+a+b+c+d+e100{50-(sum of unit place's digits)+sum of unit place's digits

27-May-13 06:09 AM

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