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Tom Morello Blasts UKIP Leader For 'Racist' Use of RATM
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Tom    Said...

Tom Morello. You are obviously an idiot. UKIP are not 'racist' in any way whatsoever. Read their manifesto, read what what they wish for the UK and realise that you were wrong. Think before you speak, you are in the public eye.

23-Sep-12 12:00 PM

Bob    Said...

Sure, not racist, just anti-immigrant and anti non-Anglo. (laughs)

What a bunch of twazzers

23-Sep-12 01:09 PM

Lee    Said...

Small government, personal liberty, ending government surveillance, an end to foreign wars, scrapping taxes for the poorest in society....

Exactly which of those policies does he have a problem with, or is just acting like an ill-informed spoiled brat?

23-Sep-12 01:59 PM

Rick    Said...

What has the size of RATM's fan base got to do with it? Very weak.

Also, UKIP can be weird but they don't seem to be racist.

23-Sep-12 04:13 PM

Shaun    Said...

UKIP oppose a European nation state, I don't see where race comes into play. Many of the members are non-white. The party also propose closer links with the Commonwealth which is far less white than the EU. But I guess bigots see what they want to see.

23-Sep-12 07:27 PM

Bill    Said...

RATM is against one machine (independent, pro-liberty movements), but not against the communist machine, it seems.

24-Sep-12 01:46 PM

Simon    Said...

To me the issue may be the potential breaking of broadcast law by UKIP in using the song without RATM or presumably the copyright owner's consent, a political conference would certainly be deemed as broadcast. Vote UKIP, elect criminals... (not that the rest are any better)

24-Sep-12 01:51 PM

Will    Said...

Mr Morello, worry about your own country's politics before talking about ours, thank you very much.

24-Sep-12 01:52 PM

pete    Said...

hey tom, UKIP basically hide racist propaganda behind an anti EU message

"The tide of mass EU immigration has pushed down wages and restricted job opportunities. Only by leaving the EU can we regain control of our borders."


"UKIP chair Christopher Monckton had called on the far-right British Freedom Party to “come back and join” UKIP" incase you didnt know BFP is the BNP

get your facts straight. read for you self before you just accept what someone tells you.

im sure hitler didnt think he was racist.

in regards to the actual article, its funny that farage actually might think that he can even compare to rage as far as influence goes. rage has sold over 16 million albums. UKIP took just over 4 million votes in the european elections. which is fuck all really.

24-Sep-12 02:23 PM

cr    Said...

The left wing are the machine nowadays with their ideological victory of cultural marxism, political correctness and multiculturalism. The right are now the revolutionaries get with it Morello duh!!!

14-Oct-12 01:58 AM

Alex    Said...

You UKIPers need to stop drinking the kook-aid. Part of a revolution? Just another bunch of reactionary right wing shrills who will prop up the same bullshit politics and people that are in power now - you are part of the problem not the solution.

17-Nov-13 09:44 AM

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