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Virtual Analog Synth For Reason
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raphus    Said...

Thor and Subtractor are so good that I'm not really interested in any additional VA synths for Reason. If someone were to invent a wavetable synth with user wavetables, though... or a sampler that could resynthesize and morph instead of cross-fade between samples... The money would fly out of my wallet in those cases!

06-Nov-12 04:15 PM

Daniel    Said...

I love this synth. It fills a nice gap between the Subtractor and Thor. It's intuitive and easy to use and most importantly sounds great. The filters are of a variety not available in either Thor or the Subtractor and most importantly, neither of those two can do those fat unison sounds in stereo that I feel Reason have been lacking. It shines on other va type sounds also and is a gret addition to the Reason rack.

07-Nov-12 03:16 AM

Daniel    Said...

FYI: The filter model in Antidote is based on a cascaded OTA design, found in Roland synths such as the SH-101, Jupiter 6/8 and Juno synths.

Also there's a model of the Diode Ladder filter found in the TB-303 as well as the System 100 (not 100M).

The oscillators have a unique mode called DYAD which, when enabled, doubles the selected amount of oscillators and pitch them upwards from a selection of 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 19 and 24 semi tones. This enables you to do Chord stacks with up to 4 notes, even though Antidote only have two oscillators.

07-Nov-12 03:31 AM

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