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Have Your Say: What Is The Best Distortion Pedal Of All Time?
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adrian    Said...

i think that the Amptweaker tight rock and tight metal are the best distortion pedal out there!!!

12-Mar-13 09:54 AM

Lode    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle

12-Mar-13 10:15 AM

Bobski    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle! Best of the best!

12-Mar-13 11:00 AM

Zoe T    Said...

Wampler Triple Wreck......oh yeah!!!

12-Mar-13 01:04 PM

Zoe T    Said...

Wampler Triple Wreck......oh yeah!!!

12-Mar-13 01:04 PM

Eric    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe=best dirt box ever.

12-Mar-13 01:04 PM

Mike    Said...

wampler Pinnacle

12-Mar-13 01:49 PM

Rob    Said...

Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

12-Mar-13 04:37 PM

nohaybanda    Said...

Marshall Shredmaster

12-Mar-13 04:47 PM

James P    Said...

Greatest of all time people! The DS-1 has been on sale since the late 70s, if the wampler triple wreck is still on sale in a couple of decades it could be a contender for sure... do another poll in 20 years.

13-Mar-13 03:49 AM

Del-Uks    Said...

Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive

13-Mar-13 10:59 AM

DrProgNerd    Said...

I understand the DS-1 votes for the run it's had but it simply cannot stand against Wampler. I'd have said the Pinnacle takes it but then Brian outdid himself with the Sovereign - an amazingly versatile pedal.

17-Mar-13 10:04 PM

Rich    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle

19-Mar-13 11:34 AM

Mailou    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle !!

24-Mar-13 08:35 AM

Alexander    Said...

ToneCzar OpenHaus

24-Mar-13 08:50 AM

Rich    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle

24-Mar-13 11:25 AM

GizzleFitz    Said...

Big Muff

31-Mar-13 10:20 AM

j    Said...

DS-1, but only if used in conjunction with another Boss box (OD-3 or SD-1), for stand alone, Wampler Pinnacle.

10-Apr-13 03:56 PM


Amptweaker Tightrock, and 320design Brown Feather

29-Apr-15 06:33 PM

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