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Studiologic Sledge Polyphony Doubled
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Richard    Said...

The studiologic sledge is what the Nord Lead 4 should have been - at least this synth can afford an LCD display! (not to mention a 5 octave keyboard).

20-May-13 03:49 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The factory presets aren't the greatest, but you can make some really cool sounds with this instrument. I love the interface, but I'm frustrated by some of the limitations in modulation and controller assignments.

The action feels good though; much better than the plasticky King Korg; though the KK is more versatile and sounds great out of the box. I might be tempted to take this over that just because the interface and because the keybed feels so much nicer and has aftertouch (though limited to vibrato I believe).

26-May-13 12:47 PM

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