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Native Instruments Introduces DRUM LAB
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robgs    Said...

Can't believe NI were so concerned about the awesomeness of Dr Drum that they made their own version!! :-B

07-Aug-13 05:26 AM

pgio    Said...

Why don't they roll this stuff into Battery 4 instead?

07-Aug-13 09:26 AM

Montychristo86    Said...

It seems that NI has become the audio equivalent of Adobe. Both bloat up the products and the features, but fail to address overall product quality and the satisfaction of the average consumer. Call me back when these guys actually get it.

07-Aug-13 07:35 PM

Craig    Said...

NI has become the audio equivalent of Adobe! Wow...what a compliment! I've used Adobe for many more years than NI, and with MUCH SUCCESS! If this was some sort of put-down, you blew it...these are both SOLID to name a few who are BETTER and more reliable???

26-Sep-13 09:34 PM

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