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More Mobility With Launchkey Mini
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Pier    Said...

Hi Nick it seems that in this Novation teaser musician is controlling Live with a new and different Launchpad. Could it be a Launchpad Mini?

05-Sep-13 05:39 AM

grasp agap    Said...


why 2 octaves ?

when will some company make decent a minikeyboard with 4 or 5 octaves with dials instead of pots, pressure sensitive pads, aftertouch, and pedals inputs ?

why eternally turning around the pot doing half solutions...

and when will old yamaha's breath control come back, it was a near.

05-Sep-13 09:13 AM

grasp agap correction    Said...

and when will old yamaha's control come back, it was a neat control system

05-Sep-13 09:14 AM

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