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TB-303 VS Volca Bass - How About It?
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Sander Alkemade    Said...

This review tells us absolutely nothing. If you compare product a with product b but instead do the comparison with product c, the result is not valid for an a-b comparison. Period. Other than that, the sounds in this review are produced by a distortion pedal and a Kaossilator effects device.

This reviews tell us nothing about the fantastic Volca Bass that we already knew.

15-Oct-13 09:30 AM

Ted    Said...

This review tells us that the Volca's 12db Korg 700 filter does not sound like Roland's 24db diode ladder filter.

The TT-303 is 99.9% identical to a TB-303. It's a faithful clone. It gets the highest marks from the cloner community.

The comparison is fair, and it's one that Korg invited through their design choices.

The Volca is nice and sounds very analog, but it cannot get close to the 303's specific bubbling chirp. The filters are just too individual to consider the Volca a total 303 substitution.

The res is differnet, the sweep is different, the coloration is different, the EG mod is different, they are about as different as 2 lowpass filters can get.

The Korg has a sharp distorted monosynth quality, the Roland has a round, full quality that does not loose much volume or bottom end when in high resonance.

Nevermind the accent, it's the filter!

Still nice analog for a low price, though. Just not a 303 or 303-clone killer.

16-Oct-13 05:40 PM

GTRman    Said...

Volca stuff are cheap China made toys. Yes, Korg is making them in China. In 1 year you will be so tired of hearing these Volca toys. Utube will be flooded with kids playing with them. Ebay will be loaded with them at 1/4 the price in 6 months. The only winner here will be Korg. Very clever Korg, I should of thought of it.$$$$$$

18-Oct-13 07:08 AM

Tim Webb    Said...

China? What kind of fancy schmancy operation do you think Korg is running that they can drop that kind of money on labor?

These things are made in Vietnam!

18-Oct-13 10:16 AM

Boris    Said...

Stupid comparison!

25-Oct-13 11:45 AM

Kaka    Said...

Never mind about these 2 units... Just look at the Elektron Analog Four on the right...

31-Oct-13 10:07 AM

sssteve    Said...

yeah (!) ill be sick of a volca after a year but your not sick of a 303 after 20 years... hmmm

01-Nov-13 07:11 AM

Kidsmoke    Said...

The guy in this video seems butt hurt... Glad it doesn't sound like a 303... who cares? I am sad that this guy has to have a bass machine that sounds like a 303 or he is not satisfied.. The price is amazing and the sound is amazing.

28-Nov-13 09:24 PM

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