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MicroBrute Makes Waves
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GTRman    Said...

Artist, how about "want to be" artist or "trying to be artist" or maybe "would like to be" artist. Who are these people? They suck.

07-Nov-13 03:58 PM

Want To Be    Said...

A member of Public Enemy is a "want to be"? A man responsible for YMO's best albums is a "want to be"? Everyone of these artists are far more notable than you buddy.

07-Nov-13 04:47 PM

GTRman    Said...

They still suck.

13-Nov-13 03:33 PM

REALman    Said...

You suck ;)

"Enter the text you see above: MpFuq" ???

17-Nov-13 10:04 AM

MYOPINIONROX!!!    Said...

I am with GTRman. Some of these artists make some stupid childish shit with the microbrute.

22-Nov-13 12:43 PM

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