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Blog: Can A Roland D-110 Sound Like A D50?
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Sergio    Said...

You failed to point out that the D50 had much better DACs than the rest of the D- series (except for the D70). D50/D550 machines were 16bit while the D10/110/20 were all 12-bit. Regardless of the synth engine capabilities, the lesser D-series synth could never "tickle" your ears the way the D50 did.

22-Nov-13 11:45 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

@Sergio you are quite correct. In many cases you can't get the same level of 'pristiness' you can get from a D-50. Saying that I did read somewhere that the D-110 did come out in different versions. My first unit is a much earlier model than my second unit. For what it's worth the second unit does sound cleaner. Both have different welcome screens and radically different firmware revision numbers as well. The D-110 does have a reputation for being noisy so for the purposes of the sound example above I gated both the D-110 and D-50 through a DBX266XL to attempt to resolve this aspect.

25-Nov-13 12:54 AM

Studio 139    Said...

I had both units which I used for commercial advertising work. While the D-50 was the better unit for me, they worked quite well together and the difference in the sound helped each it's own sense of depth and space which made mixing them easy. The D-110 was more difficult to program, but still a solid unit for the price.

06-Dec-13 10:46 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I miss good old fashioned sound modules. I just got a Proteus 2000 which certainly has its own sound and functionality to it.

I found it curious how different versions of the same synth set could also have slightly different sound qualities, even with the FX disabled. For example, the difference between a Korg Triton, the TR, and then the X50 and Micro X, when the same waveforms are being played raw.

Must have to do with the D/A converters I assume...

08-Dec-13 11:37 PM

AlenK    Said...

The extra LFOs, PWM and chorus are the main reasons why some patches on the D-50 cannot be precisely replicated on the D-110 (and D-10/D-20). (Note that the D-50's three LF0s are shared between pairs of partials whereas the D-110 has a single vibrato LFO per partial, so two LFOs for two partials.) If you stack tones on the D-110, each with subtle and differing amounts of vibrato you can get something akin to a chorus effect.

Certainly, these synths are highly under-rated.

07-Apr-14 04:23 PM

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