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NAMM 2014: Live Blog FromTech Preview Day
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2008nammcoverage    Said...

Thanks for keeping your shirt on this time, Nick ;)

22-Jan-14 12:21 PM

Tim Webb    Said...

Looks warm there! It is snowing (again) in Chicagoland. So enjoy that Southern California weather for the rest of us!

22-Jan-14 12:36 PM

Bullart.    Said...

I see a tiny piano in that Korg pic.

22-Jan-14 01:50 PM

LordDunsany    Said...

korg: ms20mini TinyPiano some SP digital piano Krome but the most tasty korg things are tiny so we can't see them

22-Jan-14 01:59 PM

The A Team    Said...

Testing 123 testing.. This is team Anonymous can you hear us, over?

The tracker has been placed on the Sub 37! Can we have conformation that the package is on location, over?

What time will execution of the preview take place over?

22-Jan-14 02:11 PM

Cataldo    Said...

Maybe a new korg Shirt for nick...

Lets spent Some Money for a New One...hehe

22-Jan-14 02:20 PM

Cataldo    Said...

Maybe a new korg Shirt for nick...

Lets spent Some Money for a New One...hehe

22-Jan-14 02:22 PM

asiohead    Said...

Maybe a SonicState shirt for me ! :)

I'd really love one, please Nick, have a batch made will ya ... sell 'm on the site for a nice price ;)

22-Jan-14 04:26 PM

Alex    Said...

Are the Waldorf guys already there, would be very nice to see what theyve got for us!

22-Jan-14 04:43 PM    Said...

Wow, these new controllers look great. I think Im most interested in the Akai and Trigger Pro. Looking forward to see if Korg has a trick up their sleeve ( or two) .

22-Jan-14 06:57 PM

Chris    Said...

Hey there Nick,

Enjoying your NAMM 2014 blog.

Cool to see each step of the trip- sunrise with chimneys in the rainy UK, and palm trees in a "wish you were here" photo the next.

Can't wait to see what new synths you come across.

Keep us updated on late night debauchery as well! Any good pubs or interesting characters?

Cheers, Chris

22-Jan-14 08:15 PM

Rainy    Said...


23-Jan-14 12:41 PM

der derderderder der der derderder    Said...

> Any good pubs or interesting characters? Yea! Like Dave Robinson? :)

23-Jan-14 01:22 PM

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