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The Last Battle Of The Loudness War
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Adam Bailey    Said...

This is pretty big, but since it's not about some new drum machine toy there are no comments. Shame.

14-Feb-14 02:29 AM

Stop Talking    Said...

I am so sick of listening to this dinkus.

14-Feb-14 07:55 AM

Max    Said...

4:33 and Andrew WK at the same level, cool)

14-Feb-14 05:46 PM

EdEagan    Said...

I like listening to this dinkus, guess that makes me a dinkee. Most troubling to me is that Apple is doing this without open discussion. I applaud the effort on there part, but the secrecy about it has that "big brother" vibe to it that seems to be Apples new mantra.

15-Feb-14 01:23 PM

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