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AIRA TR8 vs TR808 - Battle!
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Tom Ladiges    Said...

Nice one!

14-Feb-14 07:46 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Was that a rough comparison or is that as close as you could get them to sound? They both sound excellent - but the TR-8 bass and snare you had going there sounded quite different to the TR808. for example, the release on the TR8 Bass was much longer; while the initial attack of the TR808 Snare was noticeably different too? I ask, wondering if this is a wise / fair comparison to make - if you didn't have time to set the TR-8 up as close to the TR808 as you could then you're surely not doing the comparison justice?

14-Feb-14 07:51 AM

lovindagear    Said...

Thanks for doing the quick vs video. Sounds like with some simple editing the tr-8 would be spot on. The tr-8 just sounds a bit higher pitched then the original which with some more time I am sure Nick could have edited the tr08 to match up easily.

14-Feb-14 08:39 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Well done Nick, to squeeze that in was priceless, you scooped it :)

14-Feb-14 09:24 AM

Meneer Vincent    Said...

Thanks Nick!

For me they sound almost the same. Easy programming thats what I like. Interesting product.

14-Feb-14 09:39 AM

TGH    Said...

Not bad at all!!! On my wishlist!

14-Feb-14 10:13 AM

Ronny    Said...


i want to say i must type in a name and a captcha to write "cool" i did it, never forget this !

14-Feb-14 11:14 AM


I have to say that my favorite part of the video is when you had one left and one right. It sounded really cool in kind of a "wide stereo" type image.

I must be a loser, but the 808 sound doesn't really inspire me from a 30 year old analog model or a digital remake today. There are some other vintage drum machines that have a much cooler sound to my ears (sorry, I know, that has nothing to do with the price of eggs). Anyways. Thanks Nick. Carry on!

14-Feb-14 11:52 AM

selercs    Said...

Thanks Nick for the nice comparison. ACB is probably the best analog modeling I have heard so far. All the analog-ish naysayers can eat it!

14-Feb-14 01:12 PM

Trawful    Said...

I I'll come back later... Just as soon as I've thought up something truly awful to say about it.

14-Feb-14 01:53 PM

gary    Said...

Wow...Nick has all that synth knowledge and modulars, but doesn't know how to program an TR-808?!?!? cool points lost.

14-Feb-14 02:18 PM

Blake    Said...

Just ignore Gary (above )

Thanks Nick for the quickie comparison. They both sound great. I will be purchasing one. Now lets hope the System-1 sounds great too.

14-Feb-14 04:47 PM

Kavakon    Said...

Tr-808 sounds much better. It was automatic.

15-Feb-14 10:54 AM

Bhang    Said...

The snares are not tuned to the same pitch.

15-Feb-14 03:35 PM

Bhang    Said...

The snare drums are not tuned to the same pitch.

15-Feb-14 03:35 PM

Bob Borries    Said...

Digital sounds much better! I'm going to buy it as soon as it comes out, even without hearing it live, waiting for HD sound demos or testing it out at the store.

17-Feb-14 02:19 AM

Z-tits    Said...

Thank you for another demovid Nick, I would like to comment on the Aira line by saying people everywhere should be spitting in Roland's face for putting out yet another wannabe. I am just sick of people trying to trash culture all the time and this is one too many from roland. No more imitations. Analog you can feel- digital you can only hear. Analog modeled anything is just an insult to anyone. Make analog, REAL Analog, or just make digital. Everything else I have to say about this new roland drum sample box is not appropriate for posting. Again thank you Nick Batt and Sonic State for being inspiring and professional as always. I have always enjoyed your honesty and obvious love of music.

17-Feb-14 09:01 PM

RJW    Said...

There's a lot of wisdom in your remarks, Z-tits. /s

18-Feb-14 02:45 AM

digi-fail    Said...

wow! i am sorry but its amazing how many of you like the new one. a/b-ing them really showed the original as 100 times more punchy and regardless of tuning, the snare is full of life as well as the hats. bass was less prominent but was somehow more pleasant as well. this only makes me more envious of anyone with the real deal. its not very close to me at all.

24-Feb-14 12:14 PM

Kira    Said...

The 808 sounds 10 times better to me. The emulation is more crisp and maybe more punchy? But the 808 is so pleasant to listen to. I envy the ones who own a real 808...

24-Mar-14 03:45 PM

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