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$1 for a 1meg of mixer farts ? seriously ?

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THE TRUTH BEHIND MY CHILD’S TORTURES On 1/1/12 my son was prostituted by his teamsters union dad “Wade ALohi Kealoha to union head “VICTOR”, Nevada State collision Center’s Employee –James Peralta, his friend Alex and “CRISS ANGEL” Luxor/Las Vegas Magician. MY child then 15 was sold by his dad for 6 thousand dollars to the above mentioned persons and was dropped off at a location-presumably CRISS ANGEL’S house where my son was gang raped WITHOUT a condom by them all, injected with ”CRISS ANGELS” HIV/AIDES infected heroin needle, repeatedly tazered with a tazer gun then they all tied him up( I was told he was tied up on a bell) then made rods with hangers and stabbed him repeatedly in the penis as he was unconscious and every time he came to he was tazered again and again. This went on until my sons penis was gone and all he had left was ripped skin. They then checked his pulse and according to CRISS ANGEL he did not have a pulse, he was then dragged to outside and presumed dead as was their plan and contacted his dad to pick him up. His dad WADE KEALOHA picked him up and put his clothes on then took him to UMC hospital where the Las Vegas Metro police were called and refused to come to the hospital then Henderson police were called and they came and took DNA and police report and then DR. GEORGE ALEXANDER of Las Vegas was contacted to do the penis implant surgery on my son and not UMC nor, Henderson police, nor DR. GEORGE ALEXANDER contacted me and I was my son’s Custodial parent and his dad had only visitation rights. On March 8, 2012 my son confessed to me from his dads house on his cell phone that he was molested by his dad Wade Kealoha since he was old enough to remember and it had escalated to anal rape and oral sex by his dad first drugging him with a white powder (am assuming it was cocaine) then prostituting him( which am sure Wade Kealoha’s cell phone records will confirm) to HISPANIC/LATINO union heads/co-workers, Senator Harry Reid, Criss Angel, James Peralta( my ex-employer’s son- NEVADA STATE COLLISION CENTER) and others whom he did not know, He said “mom am not gay! I like girls! But I was forced to do what I did because when I was seven my dad and his friends took me to a company where there was a big huge tub as big as a pool and they had kids who looked beat up and bloody who were crying from fear and I saw Mexicans throwing these kids in the aluminum tub and it made the kids disappear and they told me that’s what they were gonna do to me and my mom if I didn’t do what they wanted me to do with them and to them and from them” I was so devastated to hear what he was telling me and he hadn’t even told me what had happened on New Year’s with his penis because I asked to speak to his dad and told his dad to bring him to my house and when his dad came I called the Police to report it , but the police refused to take a report and had him go home with his dad and the next day when it was time for his dad to bring him home he showed up with 3 police 2 females one Hispanic and one white and 1 male Hispanic police who told me they were taking my son( at first I thought they were going to polygraph my son and bring him back but no they permanently kidnapped my son and had a restraining order against me not allowing me to see or contact my son in any way based on all fraudulent statements) Then they threatened every Family attorney not to represent me and had Nevada Legal (which is Federally funded) stop doing custody cases then same time they kidnapped my son. They then appointed Judge Matthew Harter who himself was accused of child molestation on his own divorce before he became judge preside over the case. There was a camera inside the court that they refused to sell me which will show I told the judge about what my son had accused his dad of and every statement I filed with the court was deleted from record, I told the judge I found pornographic pictures of my son taken by his dad, and his dad had a child endangerment charge in Idaho and told the Judge about my son’s journals that I had found that proved he was forcibly raped homo-sexually against his will and his drawing and all the psychological facts that proved what he had confessed was all true and the judge completely ignored every one of my statements and I even told the judge that he was a felon, along with my son’s dads attorney ROBERTO KURTH and Wade Kealoha and the marshalls and the police who all unlawfully kidnapped my son without a court order to conceal evidence of what he was about to tell me about his tortures on New Year’s EVE of 2012. I repeated asked the judge to give my son and his dad a polygraph and the judge repeatedly denied my requests. I even had my sons clothing which he had cut in the genital area and soiled under ware with blood in the anal area that I found and I even told the Judge about how Wade Kealoha bragged about tying up kids his mom babysat when he was a teenager and the Judge completely ignored all my statements and my documents where intentionally deleted from record of family court. These Hispanics who were prostituting my son knew I was gonna find out that’s why they had my General Manager at my job sexually harass he then they stalked me at my church by having policemen in motorcycles and inside the Star Bucks of my church(Central Christian Center) all staring at me as intimidation to drop my sexual harassment report with the police department and in November of 2011 they sent a Mexican STAN BRITO to my job a month after I had started (case attached- I filed the attached with federal court and the judge never got the document and the Federal Judge refused to hear my cause in show cause hearing and dismissed my case without hearing any of my statements or receiving any of my documents) to Sexually harass me as manager then fire me when I refused his advances. The unions also threatened every employer against hiring me including a LAWYER, They continually harassed me at Casinos by their Mexican Security guard which I have on video and they deleted my players points(over 4000) at Arizona Charlies and stole my ID’s from my car that was parked under the camera then refused to review the camera when I report it, they had Arizona Charlies Security harass me by falsely accusing me of stealing , they spiked my drink with something that made me pass out in the casino, They tried to kill me at the Cannery (also attached statement) by sending three Hispanics to my hotel room with a room key, they tried to steal from me at Railroad casino thru their cashier(statement attached), they blocked my past due(8 years past due) unpaid child support exceeding 71 thousand dollars that the welfare department was collecting for me thru the D.A. Steve Wolfson who also gave me paid fraudulent defense years prior to becoming district attorney, which caused me to lose my car by repossession 5 months before it was going to be paid off. The Mexican unions even had their Mexican teacher MS. Stegger harass my son in his Spanish class willfully and intentionally (Document attached),and when I went to family court myself with a big huge box filled with physical evidence of what had happened to my son they had their Marshalls throw me out of family court without receiving any of the evidence they had requested me to bring in writing and they had my son go to fraudulent Mediation which had previously discriminated against me at the sexual harassment mediation of the law suit against STAN BRITO and the employer, and they repeatedly lied to me thru family court clerks because they had the clerks tell me they don’t receipt stamp any of my documents even after I would show them that they do stamp receipt from the prior documents and they would harass me with having instead of one Marshall in the court room they would have 3 or 4 to intimidate me. All this proved conspiracy to me because in Municipal court any documents submitted get electronically filed right in front of you at the time you turn them in and they claimed Federal Court does the same but when I filed my documents in Federal Court they would not file them in front of me and would tell me it takes weeks to file them electronically which was also a false statement but they did that because they wanted to throw away any evidential document/statement and not give the judge any of my statements and evidential facts I had filed and they would take six months to give me an answer on my documents filed but when I would listen to the radio any law suit that was filed by the Union would get answer in a week so they were completely discriminating against me first by not allowing the judge to review any of my reasons for filing the law suits by keeping the documents away from the Federal Judges and second my having the clerks give me advice which they are not allowed lawfully to give any advice, third having the judge literally legally harass me in the show cause hearing by talking about my fee waiver and not the cause of my law suit and personally attacking me, and then by taking six months to approve my fee waiver and set a court date in which I would never be allowed to state my case and then denying my non-negotiable right of having a court appointed attorney because of what they had done that had caused me financial hardship and not being able to afford an attorney and the union threatening attorney s not to represent me. So basically it was a kangaroo court in family court, municipal court, and in federal court. Then my church of 10 years CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CENTER who told me they were going to support me in court for my show cause hearing changed their minds the weekend before the custody hearing because these same Hispanic unions who were force raping/sexually soliciting my son sent their attorney RABYS & MARTINEZ to be a board member at my church and influence my church not to represent me in court, this was the church where my son and I were baptized in and I had given thousands of dollars to and had brought them many members and I was shocked that they would deny me and betray me at the time my son and I needed them the most. So I started picketing in front of my church on the sidewalk and about a month later LAS VEGAS METRO which had ZERO JURISDICTION in Henderson came and arrested me for no legal cause and took me to church where I was met by a Hispanic guard who kept calling me stupid and I told her she is ugly and stupid and I was the only female inmate that they had take all my clothes off for no reason and later when I asked the other 20 or so female inmates if they were forced to take their clothes off they all said “no”! Which shows and proves I was being sexually harassed so they could see me naked against my will on their cameras! And, later Steve Wolfson sent me notice saying all the charges were dropped but they had destroyed my reputation by plastering my false arrest records all over GOOGLE. Because they basically sabotaged my life in every way specially financially and they stated several fraudulent statements on the custody decree which can legally be verified and kept me from ever seeing my son by saying I was crazy. If I was crazy then why did my son make honor roll every year since the first grade when I was his custodial parent and make All Star baseball and be asked to umpire games and be perfect in every way when he was with me and the only time his grades dropped was when he was unlawfully kidnapped. Someone please explain that to me. They even stated on the custody that I had read the statements from what the mediation had interviewed with my son which was a lie because I refused to read the mediation statements in court because I knew it was all fraudulent that’s why they did not let me keep the mediation statements and said I had to read it in court and give it back which I refused to read but they stated that I had read it. They sabotaged my life in every way they killed/injured/threatened every single one of my friends to not support me in the custody hearing, they had my biggest Charity sponsor(David Morrison) move to Mexico, They killed my friend Joy Kendall, Cedric steele, they had my dad killed in IRAN from a Heart attack, My GRANDMA/GRANDPA, HAD my only neighbor whom I was friends with move to California thru union job, they had my friend Dan beat up with a baseball bat, They killed my friend Neda with a 16 wheeler coming home from MEXICO, they even blocked my son’s school counselors from helping me with my sons situation, I contacted Child protective services, Crime Stoppers, Department of Justice, FBI, and internal AFFAIRS Detective Jerry Collins and none of them helped me. They placed union policeman at my son’s school to make sure I don’t see him or talk to him. I had completed depleted all my funds from all they did and when I found out the ELECTRIC COMPANY had been double and triple charging my electricity for almost a decade I was furious and when I contacted the Electric company and showed them evidence that of them stealing from me they refused to review the evidence and turned off my electricity for an entire year and even when I got energy assistance they returned the energy assistance money and refused to turn on my electricity even in 118 degree hot weather and the cold Las Vegas winters. When my son was harassed by his Mexican teacher MS. Stegger I sent the story to NEWS 3 and they did an episode on BAD TEACHERS and then when I called them to text me the clip they refused and they completely deleted it off their website which proved conspiracy because I was suing the school district (LETTER ATTACHED) and NEWS 3 had sent me clips before so I knew they were deleting that clip because of UNION conspiracy which I filed a federal case and my declaration never even reached the judge and I was not allowed to be heard in the show cause hearing before the case was dismissed(ALSO ON GOOGLE), and the teacher was never fired for intentionally harassing and lying to me and my son. After the HISPANIC headed union caused my every financial demise I had to file for food stamps just to have food to eat and they harassed me thru their Mexican and CUBAN workers in the welfare office by helping everyone who was in line ahead of me and before me and skipping me all together and then after me spending the entire day at the welfare office when it normally took 2 hours I was then told to turn in my application and that it would be processed the next day then I would get a notice from the Welfare office saying the same application I had filed prior that was accepted was incomplete then when I would go to the welfare office to ask what was incomplete about it they had no answer and would discriminate me in the same manner again and when I would complain to the security guard he would tell me I have to wait in line again to talk to a supervisor and I would wait in line again and once I would get the supervisor telling her I didn’t appreciate them doing what they were doing she would have the security guard tell me I have to leave for no reason and when they did approve me and give me a card they would block my card and keep me from using it and the card would say decline several times which made me so mad I stopped going to the welfare office and was surviving on olive oil and dried dill weed for several months before my friend Jason Steiner asked me to come stay with him in Wenatchi, WA on Christmas eve when at the time he was staying at a MEXICAN ran motel and when he ate at the same hotel on the same day he asked me to come stay with him he got a HEART ATTACK and was in the hospital for several days which I believe they caused from their jealousy and hate and the fact that they harmed and threatened/injured all my family and friends consecutively. I even filed a law suit in Federal court against the Clark county police department for causing my son’s sexual solicitation/rape/molestation/kidnapping, etc. and the judge dismissed my case saying that I could not file a law suit for my under age son and that I needed representation and again denied me my non-negotiable right of court appointed attorney even though I told the judge that when my son was 5 years old he told me his dad was molesting him and I took him to the police and the police believed him and asked his dad to take a polygraph. His dad got an attorney and now I believe his attorney lied and said he took a polygraph that was inconclusive because I know based on many many evidence that that’s when the Hispanic union blackmailed his dad “WADE KEALOHA” to either prostitute his son or go to prison for sexual deviance and molestation with his son because they had cameras installed in our house and knew he was putting his penis in my sons mouth as an infant all the way up to 5 years old when my son confessed and I wanted to sue the police department for not investigating because I found pornographic pictures taken of my son by his dad at 1 and two years old which if the police had done their job and investigated then they would have found evidence to put his dad in prison for many years and it would have not lead to my son being prostituted, drugged, tortured, threatened, etc. The reason why I didn’t believe my son wasn’t getting molested when he confessed at 5 years old is because his dad was a coach and he went to church and I didn’t want to believe such a terrible truth about “WADE KEALOHA” but it was all true, he was a terrible and horrible dad in every way imaginable. I was outraged and started protesting these Hispanics who misused their legal powers to prostitute my son and I started writing on all the outside of my house of every evil infested nightmare these demon Latinos do to their own children and ours because I met with over 2500 Hispanic Latino families including Nurses, teachers, policeman/women, gov. workers, truckers, parents, uncles, grandparents and offered each of them $200 if they would take a polygraph proving they don’t and have never sexually abused/raped any child and not a single one of them agreed to take a polygraph-not one! These same Hispanics started harassing me in the Library when I was contacting every press Editor I could find and one day when they had their library employee purposely talk very loud on the phone and I had already complained about that on the internet and that day I repeatedly asked her to keep her voice down and she would raise her voice even louder when I told her to keep it down because union also are in charge of Libraries and because I told her to keep her voice down the library manager came( a man I had never seen- because I knew the manager at that library) and told me I have to leave and would not give me a reason and said I was trespassing private property which we all know the Library is paid by our taxes and is community property and that is exactly what I told the manager and he refused to listen and told me he was calling the police and when the police came I said fine and as I was leaving the police grabbed the hat of my leather jacket and started swinging it as hard as he could and I told him to stop and he would not and he said “ I was the cop who flipped you off when you said JESUS LOVES YOU” and he turned to his police associate and said she is the one with all the signs outside her house and I said so you hate me because I am protesting child prostitution and sexual abuse and he laughed and asked for my driver’s license and arrested me for trespassing private property (the library-once again false arrest)and when I asked his partner to loosen the plastic hand cuffs his partner purposely made it tighter and when I was sitting in the back of the police car I noticed the seat in front of me had an aluminum shaped cover in the shape of a casket and on the left of it had a sticker that said “SETIN MFG.” Then I remembered the prior week they had the water workers come and dig holes the size of child caskets all up and down the street up my house. And realized my son was telling me the truth and I believe the children whom they arrest that go to juvenile hall are all threatened to keep their mouths shut or be thrown in alum. Acid and I believe that most of the kids in juvenile hall have been sexually abused or prostituted and the Las Vegas Metro police is definitely involved somehow, I am one hundred percent certain because why would that cop treat me so horribly and when I went to jail I saw a Cuban jailer with a tattoo between his index and thumb the tow finger that are used when men ejaculate and he was Cuban and I told him he is a piece of shit who is involved in child sexual soliciting and torturing. I also was sexually harassed in jail by the female Hispanic jailer who made me take off my clothes for no reason and when I asked the other inmate if they were forced to take their clothes off they all said no, they had just done it to me to see me without clothes which this was the second time they did that to me which shows sexual harassment pattern. You see prior to all this and even after all this the police were repeatedly knocking on the door of my house and I was getting fraudulent notices from the bldg. inspectors that I ignored. Then when they bought the bldg. in Wenachi where my friend Jason Steiner and I were staying and they had the apt. manager tell him I have to leave and when I came back to Las Vegas I noticed my electricity was working but my big screen television, my wii and my grandfather clock were all stolen and when I went to file a police report The police who looked like a Mexican Mob refused to let me file a report and they had my ex-husband Wade Kealoha file a fraudulent report with the constables office stating that I was getting evicted from his property when the property was mine as was in the divorce Decree under Exibit B which even the custody Judge Matthew Harter stated in court and was documented thru a notarized promissory note. The divorce decree was already disclosed by myself to the welfare office and child custody court and so was the promissory note but when I came to go in my house the locks were changed and when I went thru the garage my ex-husband “WADE KEALOHA” said your not allowed on this property and I had you evicted I said this is my property what are you talking about, well they didn’t let me go in my house to get my Divorce Decree and they thought I did not have the promissory note and police came and read me the trespassing law and I left with my lap top and some papers and went to family court to get a copy of my divorce but when I went there they said that there was no Exibit B of the divorce on their record which then I knew they had deleted EXIBIT B from my divorce decree unlawfully. The next day when I was praying in the park I found the promissory note in my bag and went back to my house and called the police and told them look see this is my house and you cant accuse me of trespassing my own legal house and they said yes we can and told me if I didn’t leave they were going to arrest me and I said am not leaving you have to get off my property and your trespassing and they arrested me right there and took me to the same jail where I saw the same Mexican jailer who harassed me and made me take my shirt off which now this was the third time they had singled me out to sexually harass me for the third time even in jail and they kept me in full body chains for almost 5 hours which they did not do to anyone else. When they released me I went back to my house and in the middle of the night my house was broken into which I know it was done by the union (because I lived in my house for over 16 years and there was only one break in thru my back yard and nothing was taken) and when I woke up and turned on the light the person ran out from the back yard jumped the neighbor’s wall which woke them up and ran away and in the morning Wade Kealoha opened the front door and I went to the door and I saw my son after over a year of not seeing him and my son acted as if he was told that I was dead; it was the day before mother’s day. You see when I was with Jason Steiner in Wenatchee they were having 16 wheeler trucks parked in the residential areas where we were just like they did at my house in Las Vegas as a confession that yes indeed they killed my friend NEDA and a threat and also as a confession that they were behind that 16 wheeler trying to kill me in front of my sons school in 2004, and they had the 16 wheeler truck follow me to California and had it parked in residential area again as a threat to me and again they did the same when I went to Rupert Idaho, and again when I came here to NORMA HERR SHELTER where I currently live I see Mexican 16 wheeler trucks trying to run me over all the time and when I was living in RUPERT IDAHO- they had so many fires in Idaho the same time I was there and they had a stabbing in the Canal where I went running every day and they placed a metal from a hanger with stars all over it basically tormenting me and confessing what they had done to my son. And these union Hispanics where behind me getting kicked out of every shelter in Las Vegas, In Lakewood, Rupert and the only reason they cant have me get kicked out of NORMA HERR WOMENS CENTER is because our security is the police and no one can get kicked out unless they do something unlawful which I have never done. I got kicked out of SUCASA shelter because I found out the senior adviser was charging sponsors for an hour for every 15 minutes of counseling, In Rupert I found out that Pam Harris the Director was cashing in on the donations and not turning it in the shelter funds and her daughter was getting molested by her boyfriend and her son. In Rupert is where I was met by the reporter who showed me my son’s pictures at UMC with blood all over his penis and bandages- I was so horrified that I had to be hospitalized thru the Rupert court Judge and before I was Hospitalized I was met by CRISS ANGEL who verified everything the reporter said and told me he had a grudge against me since he was 16 because I would let him finish having sex with me- but he had told me his name was JESSSE and I was very young and I was just experimenting- no one knows what they want at that age( I was 15) and he said he was paying for sex with my son since my son was 7 and he said he broke in my house in 2007 and tried to kill me and was stopped by someone with a gun, and he said it was his Idea to torture my son that way and that james, Victor, and Alex all joined in. He said he wanted to kill my son because he was jealous that I was dating a man who had prostate cancer and that’s why he did what he did to my son and he said he had done similar to about 4000 other kids/persons and was never charged or arrested because he is in with the Hispanic controlled union guys and he said they have spies everywhere in court houses, churches, schools, law offices, casinos, utility companies, etc. and that they have the NEWS SAY: CRIME IS DOWN but the only reason CRIME IN DOWN IS BECAUSE the missing milk carton and WALMART KIDS are never investigated so they are not counted as crime per say. He said they stabbed my son in the penis for a good 20 minutes and then they check his pulse and thought he was dead without a pulse and called his dad to pick him up , he was taken to UMC- Henderson police took DNA and report-Dr. George Alexander did the penis implant surgery and no one contacted me as his only custodial mom/parent. I was so devastated when he told me and they only person I knew in Rupert had the police come and take me to the hospital and even though I volunteered to be in a mental hospital because I wanted to kill myself they still put handcuffs on me on the 45 minute trip to the hospital. And, looking back there was a lot of signs of what had happened to my son, he wasn’t sleeping on his top bunk anymore- he was sleeping on the bottom bunk, he was wearing sweat shirts to school instead of pants, In February when he started wearing pants again he went to his friend Wesley’s house to play basketball and when he came back his pants were all cut up in the penis area, my son even hit on me with his under ware on which shocked that hell out of me, and I found bloody under ware of his in the anal area, and when he came home from his dad he never had under ware on because I always did his laundry on Sunday and when I would ask him where is his under ware I didn’t press him and he said he would bring it the following week but he wouldn’t bring it for weeks and finally when he brought under ware it was a full bag of it, and his dad would call him every night and he would take the call in his room so I would not hear them which was a huge clue I didn’t pick up on, etc. You know there is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel like there is a knife in my chest, everything I did for my son is to ensure his safety, virtue and wholesomeness and to think and know the very few hours he was with his dad he had to endure the worst possible nightmare imaginable is the worst feeling for me as his mother who raised him since he was born and for him to keep his grades up and be suck a champion at everything he did and be in the chess club and student council and have girlfriends makes me truly be in awe of how he could manage all that and endure such torture of being drugged, tortured, tazered, prostituted and so much more. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t ache inside for my son my only son, my only child, the one I sacrificed all my time for, the time I will never ever get back- There is not a day that I don’t ask GOD to avenge me and I really do not understand why I have to see my son be with the one who sold him as a prostitute and him not be in prison and know that this is happening not in a third world country but right here in the land of the free, I cant imagine any parent going thru what I have gone thru in the past 2 years and still not a single entity has lifted a finger to help me in any way. All any investigator has to do is see Wade Kealoha’s phone records and examine my son to know the crimes that have occurred and have everyone involved not in prison but have CRISS ANGEL, VICTOR, James Peralta and James Peralta Jr., Attorney Kurth, and Alex and Wade Kealoha, SENATOR HARRY REID, tortured in the worst possible way( I HAVE A DETAILED TORTURE LETTER) and send have them be eaten by the wild monkey in hubei/china or vultures where they can be dead, dead and dead then sent straight to hell where they belong for years and years, century after century, unending agony and torture for ever and ever and ever- that would be justice! 1st Corinthians 15:26 Says: The last enemy that will be destroyed is Death. Latinos Logo is death (THE SKULL) and homo-ness (Sodom and Gomorrah) they are death and they will be the last enemy of Christ to be destroyed and in hell according to scripture. THIS IS ALL ME VENTING ABOUT THE TRUTH EVERY ONE OF MY RIGHTS HAVE BEEN VIOLATED BY HISPANIC/LATINO UNION LEADERS INCLUDING MY BETRAYAL BY(CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CENTER) CHURCH/S, HARASSMENT OF EVERY KIND at my jobs, sabotaging my radio and t.v. commercials for my business, my charity(KIDS ANGEL FOUNDATION-THEY THREATENED MY SPONSORS AND KILLED MY FRIEND CEDRIC STEELE WHO WAS GOING TO RAISE MONEY FOR ME IN HIS CHARITY CAR LOT)REPUTATION(EDITING OUT MY PROFESSIONAL HISTORY FROM GOOGLE (MY THREE BUSINESSES AND TELEVISION AND RADIO FEATURE/S,) AND FALSELY ARRESTING ME REPEATEDLY AND KNOWINGLY PLASTERING IT ON GOOGLE WHERE THEY KNEW I WAS USING GOOGLE AS MY HISTORY REFERENCE AND EDITING OUT MY HISTORY FROM GOOGLE), courts(INCLUDING IN FEDERAL COURT THRU THE FEDERAL JUDGES), Gov. offices, MY 3 BUSINESSES( CHYRL’S BODY WRAPS, CELEBRITY BODY WRAPS AND ZEBA BODY WRAPS) Library, inside my home(video surveiling my home for almost a decade without my knowledge), utilities( DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHARGING ME FOR ALMOST A DECADE),they tried to kill me at The cannery Casino by giving my hotel room key to 3 Hispanics when I filed federal cases against them, HARRASSING MY friends and killed my dad2014, grandparents2014, favorite aunt2009, my best friends Cedric steele2010, Joyce Kendal2010, Neda1986, Ali-ReZA1988, and many others and they were bodily injured (DAN-WHOM THEY BEAT WITH A BASEBALL BAT 2012 and they cause my other friend Jason Steiners heart attach just like they did to my dad in 2013 which caused his death) DAVID MORRISON (WHOM THEY THREATENED NOT TO SPONSOR MY CHARITY AND GAVE HIM A JOB IN MEXICO)and/or threatened to cut all ties with me, AND THEY HAVE BLOCKED MY EMAILS (VAFA777@HOTMAIL.COM,,,,,,, they (Hispanic union)have even caused me not to receive calls on my last 3 phones and also violated my privacy by screening my calls on my cell, AND MUCH MUCH MORE –NOW I JUST HAVE A NEW EMAIL EVERYTIME I CONTACT THE PRESS etc.)AND STALKING OF EVERY KIND,AND THESE HISPANIC/LATINO UNION HEADS HAVE STOLEN, PROSTITUTED, TORCHERED, AND GANG RAPED/TAZERED MY SON WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE SINCE HE WAS 7 YEARS OLD AND THEY ALSO PROSTITUTED HIM TO SENATOR HARRY REID, CRISS ANGEL, VICTOR (UNION HEAD) WHICH AFTER MY SON CONFESSED THE HISPANIC UNION POLICE KIDNAPPED MY SON AND GAVE HIM TO HIS DAD (WADE KEALOHA-BALLYS HOTEL-TEAMSTER UNION) WHO WAS PROSTITUTING HIM BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT ME TO TAKE MY SON TO THE DR. TO PROVE THEY SLICED HIS PENIS UP AT CRISS ANGEL’S HOUSE BY CRISS ANGEL, VICTOR(UNION HEAD), JAMES PERALTA( MY EX-EMPLOYERS SON-NEVADA STATE COLLISION CENTER) AND James Peralta’s friend Alex, and were drugging him with heroin and cocaine. WHEN I SAW THE PICTURES OF MY SON A REPORTER SHOWED ME AT THE HOSPITAL I NEEDED HOSPITILIZATION FOR SUICIDE SEVERAL TIMES. WHEN I MET WITH “CRISS ANGEL”(LUXOR MAGICIAN) HE TOLD ME HE HAS DONE SIMILAR TO 4000 OTHER KIDS AND KILLED THEM ALL AND HE SAID HE IS IN WITH THE MEXICANS AND THAT IS WHAT MEXICANS DO, HE SAID THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF MISSING KIDS ARE ALL KIDNAPPED BY MEXICANS AND RAPED AND TORCHERED AND THROWN IN CUBAN OWNED ALUM. ACID TUBS AND HE SAID HE WAS THE ONE WHO HAD MY SISTER NATALIE GANG RAPED AT 13 YRS. OLD(WHICH I CALLED CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES AND NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT). CRISS ANGEL SAID HISPANICS/LATINOS HAVE SPIES EVERYWHERE THAT KEEP THEM FROM BEING PROSECUTED AND THESE MISSING KIDS/PERSONS ARE NEVER FOUND AND ITS BEEN AN EPIDEMIC SINCE THE HISPANICS TOOK CHARGE OVER UNIONS IN LAS VEGAS, RENO, CALIFORNIA, IDAHO, NEW MEXICO, ARIZONA, WENACHEE, WA, ETC. .I KNOW IF CRISS ANGEL’S HOUSE AND THE CUBAN OWNED ALUM./BEER PLANTS SUCH AS “SETIN MFG” GET RAIDED BY THE SWAT TEAM THEY WILL FIND THOUSANDS OF MISSING CHILDRENS DNA BECAUSE THAT IS A PERFECT EXPLANATION FOR MILLIONS OF MISSING KIDS/PERSONS WHO ARE NEVER FOUND. CRISS ANGEL SAID HIS PLANS ARE TO GET VERY RICH AND BE WORTH BILLIONS SO HE CAN GET DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY AND NEVER HAVE TO SPEND TIME IN PRISON FOR WHAT HE DID TO MY SON AND 4000 OTHER KIDS- AM SURE IF HE WAS GIVEN 10 POLYGRAPHS-BECAUSE AM SURE HE WILL TRY TO FAKE THE FIRST 3- IT WILL BE PROVEN THAT HE IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG WHO RAPES/DRUGS / TORCHERS AND KILLS LITTLE INNOCENT KIDS INCLUDING HIS OWN NEICE WHOM HE SHOWS BUYING PRESENTS FOR AT 7 YEARS OLD. MY SON KAIVON NEEDED SURGERY WHICH HE GOT at UMC BY DR. GEORGE ALEXANDER IN LAS VEGAS, NV ALSO WITHOUT MY CONSENT AS HIS ONLY CUSTODIAL PARENT OR MY KNOWLEDGE AND I HAVE REPEATEDLY CONTACTED DR. GEORGE ALEXANDER AND HE WONT ANSWER ANY OF MY CALLS/MESSAGES. THEN THEY UNLAWFULLY STOLE MY HOME OF 16 YEARS BY THEIR CORRUPT JUDGE "ANN ZIMMERMAN"AND THEIR CORRUPT HISPANIC CONSTABLES WHICH I HAVE SENT THE IRS ALL THE INFORMATION ON. After extensive research I have concluded the reason for American economic failure and once I share with you the evidence of all my conclusions with full examples you will know the truth and I know you will do everything in your power to make this world better for our descendants and loved ones. It’s very sad and true that our economic failures are all rooted from Hispanic/Latino greed and evilness. The definition of a demon is : the angel of Satan that leads humanity to corruption and adversary/affliction and that is exactly what these power hungry Latinos/Hispanics have done to our country because all their actions are clear theft, vandalism and never-ending greed. FIRST OF all the original 9/11 happened because Saudi Arabia found out that the CUBANS were selling our aborted babies as torcher babies worldwide and that’s why the Saudis blew up the world trade center because they found out the Cubans were transporting these Aborted babies thru freight planes, and 16 wheeler trucks and using port-o-potties to transport them to high rise buildings. YOU SEE THE BIBLE SAYS: Satan comes to rob, kill and destroy. So that’s how they started killing amongst us, then the millions and millions of missing Wall mart /milk carton adults/kids are also kidnapped by Hispanics/Latinos torchered, raped, and thrown in Cuban owned alum. Acid tubs which when Cuban owned beer and alum. plants get raided they will find thousands and thousands of missing persons DNA, and how they get away with it is thru UNION- they put their spies in Gov. offices, Police stations, social services, IRS, Schools, Casinos, stores, Security, casino, law offices, courts, ACCOUNTING DEPT.- just go to any of those places and see for yourself how many over the top Hispanics are employed in those places, especially in LAS VEGAS, and LOS ANGELES and IDAHO, WENACHEE, ETC.. OTHER EXAMPLES ARE: WONDERBREAD- THESE HISPANICS WERE IN CHARGE OF THE UNION THAT NEGOTIATED WITH WONDER BREAD- THEIR PLAN WAS TO CLOSE WONDER BREAD FROM THE BEGINING OF THE NEGOTIATIONS BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY STOLEN WONDER BREADS RECIPES AND WANTED TO HAVE THEM BE MADE BY HISPANICS AND THATS HOW WE LOST WONDER BREAD ALONG WITH 18000 JOBS- YOU SEE THEY HAD MEXICANS MAKE WONDER BREADS RECIPE AND CALL IT "BIMBO" LAUGHING IN OUR FACES FOR NOT CATCHING THEM STEAL FROM UNDER OUR NOSES. Hispanics see non-Hispanics as merchandise! The millions and millions of unexplainable deaths every year is opportunity and motive HISPANICS HAVE! Their opportunities are working in GOVERNMENT and leading unions and their motive is to kill and destroy us(non-Hispanics). Where do you think the clothes in thrift stores comes from? Yes some of it comes from people giving their clothes away, but the thrift stores would not be thriving in revenue if their weren’t millions and million unexplained deaths that the whores we have in congress and the Whores we have in border patrol seem to not recognize! They kidnap our missing people then they torcher them, rape them and steal everything they have then throw them in Cuban owned alum. Acid tubs to get rid of the evidence. WAKE THE HELL UP! WE need to have a HISPANIC HOLLACAUST AND USE THEM FOR FERTILIZER AND MAYBE CALL IT “THE GREAT FERTILIZATION PROJECT” A.S.A.P. AND GET RID OF THESE HISPANIC/LATINO DEMONS INSIDE THE “FCC” who have been unlawfully violating my privacy by blocking my cell phones and emails….. YOU SEE THEY FIRST POSSES A BUSINESS THRU UNION THEN THEY COMMIT A SERIES OF VANDELISMS TO BRING THE BUSINESS STOCK PRICES DOWN THEN THEY BUY IT OR BECOME MAJOR STOCK HOLDERS AND SELL IT HIGH SO THEY WILL ALWAYS OWN MAJORITY STOCKS WHILE THE ENTIRE TIME THEY ARE DECREASING THE VALUE OF THE BUSINESS/PROPERTY BY THEIR OWN SECURITY CAUSING THE VANDELISMS. THEY DID THE SAME THING WITH ARIZONA CHARLIES-LAS VEGAS- THEY HAD A CUBAN GUY WORK IN THE ACCOUNTING DEPT. THEN THEY STARTED THRU UNION WORKING WITH THE HISPANIC BUILDING INSPECTORS TO CALL THE PARKING LOT AT ARIZONA CHARLIES THAT HISPANICS BUILT UNFIT FOR PARKING AND CAUSED LOSS OF REVENUE FOR ARIZONA CHARLIES THEN THEY OFFERED TO BUY IT LOW AND NOW IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT BUT BECAUSE ITS OWNED BY UNION MEMBERS WHO CAUSED THE FORCED SALE THRU FRAUD THEY DONT CARE HOW THE SERVICE IS OR HOW HORRIBLE IT LOOKS FROM THE OUTSIDE. THEY DID THE SAME WITH SPORTS BOOKS IN THE CASINOS- FIRST CAUSED THE CATASTROPHY THEN TAKE OVER THE BUSINESS SAYING WE WILL NOT LET IT HAVE ANOTHER CATASTROPHY BECAUSE WE WERE THE INITIATORS- THEY DO THE SAME THING AT SUPERBOWEL BY HIRING UNFIT UMPIRES AND THEN CASHING IN WHICH AM SURE IF THE UMPIRES WERE POLYGRAPHED IT WOULD PROVE THAT THE FALSE PENALTY CALLS THEY MAKE ARE BECAUSE THEY GET PAID EXTRA TO DO THAT. AND, WHY ARE WE SENDING REVENUE TO MEXICO BY SENDING CARNIVAL CREW SHIPS THERE AND LET THEIR ECONOMY THRIVE, WHEN WE COULD HAVE OUR OWN ECONOMY THRIVE BY SENDING CREW SHIPS TO HAWAII. AND WHY ARE WE REWARDING THEIR ACTIONS BY GIVING THEIR ILLEGALS IMMUNITY- ITS LIKE WE ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE FROM THESE DEMONS. MEXICO’S ECONOMY THRIVES BECAUSE THEY STEAL OUR MANUFACTURING JOBS FOR MEXICO. And investigations will concur that there is a direct correlation between the increase of MEXICAN/CUBAN restaurants and the increase in cancer because the use cancer causing chromium in their foods. THESE HISPANICS HAVE ALSO BEEN IN CHARGE OF THE UNIONS SINCE THE INCREASE OF CHILD KIDNAPPING HAS INCREASED BY 40% SINCE THESE HISPANICS HAVE BEEN IN CHARGE OF THE UNIONS AND THAT’S HOW WE HAVE 11 MILLION ILLEGAL HISPANICS IN THE USA THRU THEIR UNION CONTACTS THAT PAY THE COPS TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY. AND THEY STEAL AND STEAL FROM CASINOS FOR EXAMPLE LIKE HACIENDA CASINO WAS ALWAYS PACKED BEFORE THEY BLEW IT UP AND SO WAS STARDUST AND SO WAS ALLADIN- BUT BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO GET NEW SLOT MACHINES SO THAT THE HISTORY OF THE OLD SLOT MACHINES WOULD NOT BE SEEN TO SHOW HOW MUCH WAS STOLEN FROM EACH MACHINE THEY GET A COMPLETELY NEW SLOTS AND KEEP THE OWNERS FROM FINDING OUT HOW MUCH THEY STOLE. THEY DO IT BY HAVING THEIR SPIES WORK IN ADMINISTRATIVE AND ACCOUNTING PARTS OF THE CASINO TO FUDGE THE NUMBERS UNTIL THEY CANT NO MORE THEN THEY BLOW UP THE CASINO OR CHANGE THE SLOT MACHINES AND SELL THE OLD ONES TO NOT SHOW HOW MUCH WAS STOLEN. ANOTHER WAY IS IF YOU GO TO LAS VEGAS YOU WILL SEE THAT 49% OF THE MONEY TRUCKS HAVE HISPANIC GUYS DRIVING IT TO PICK UP MONEY FROM THE CASINOS- AND THEY HAVE THOSE GUYS STEAL BETWEEN 100 THOUSAND TO 500 THOUSAND A DAY AND CALL IN TO THE HISPANIC ACCOUNTING WORKERS TO FUDGE THE NUMBERS UNTIL THEY CANT ANYMORE THEN THEY CLAIM IT AS A LOSS AND EITHER BLOW UP THE CASINO OR THEY CHANGE THE MACHINES. ONCE INVESTIGATED EVERYONE WILL SEE THE PATTERN OF HOW THEY HAVE DRAINED OUR ECONOMY. THEY CAUSE VANDELISM FOR SOME TRAIN/CANDY COMPLANIES TO MAKE THE STOCKS GET LOW AND THEN THEY BUY MAJORITY STOCKS AND THEN FIX THE PROBLEM AND OWN EACH COMPANY CASH OUT AND THATS HOW OUR ECONOMY IS PAYING AND PEOPLE DONT HAVE JOBS BECAUSE OF THEIR VANDELISM BASED ON GREED AND HATE FOR FREEDOM HELLO! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT CUBA! WAKE THE HELL UP! And if we hired our own under cover auditors to visit all the Hispanic businesses you will also learn that they never pay taxes on cash revenue, especially Hispanic/Latino businesses in California, IDAHO, WENACHEE, FLORIDA, and LAS VEGAS. You see they are thieves who also charge 20 times what it costs to build roads, schools, Gov. bldgs., casinos, etc. they have no heart for the greater good only pain and selfishness for themself and their own greed. And they hurt our education thru unions too by hiring donkey fucking whores from Cuba/Mexico with no education/experience to teach our kids how to be stupid like them. We need to all unite and either deport their asses or have another holocaust for these demons. THESE DEMONS are also the ones who start all the fires in IDAHO, CALIFORNIA, WENACHI, WA (all Hispanic populated), Las Vegas, etc. AND INSTEAD OF UNIONS LAYING OFF THOUSANDS OF DEALERS IN LAS VEGAS CASINOS LIKE MGM, AND OTHERS ALL THEY HAD TO DO IS LOWER THE MINUMUM BET SO PEOPLE WOULD PLAY AND ALL THOSE DEALERS WOULD STILL HAVE JOBS AND ALL THE TABLES WOULD BE FULL OF PLAYERS- IMAGINE IF YOU COULD PLAY 10 CENTS ROULETTE AT LUXOR OR MGM IF YOU LIKED ROULETTE WOULDNT YOU PLAY? YES AND EVEN AT A TEN CENTS ROULETTE TABLE THE REVENUE IS LIKE BETWEEN $300 TO $600 AN HOUR PER EVERY 10 PLAYERS, SO IF THEY LAID OFF DEALERS TO SHOW EMPTY TABLES TO DISCOURAGE PEOPLE FROM GAMBLING-BY PEOPLE THINKING IF THE CASINO CAN’T EVEN AFFORD TO HAVE DEALERS WHY SHOULD I PLAY HERE? SEE THESE HISPANIC LEAD UNIONS PURPOSELY DO THAT SO THE CASINO WOULD FAIL JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH COSMOPOLITAN CASINO AND NOW THEY ARE MAJORITY STOCK HOLDERS OF COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE BECAUSE THEY SET UP COSMOPOLITAN CASINO TO FAIL.THEY ALL NEED TO BE BURNED AND FERTILIZED BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE HEAVEN ON EARTH AND FULFILL THE LORDS PRAYER THE ONLY JUSTICE WOULD BE DEAD LATINOS FOR KILLING OUR MISSING PERSONS AND KILLING OUR ECONOMY THRU THEIR ORGANIZED THEFT. SINCERELY, VAFA SHAMSAI-NEJAD NORMA HERR SHELTER KIDS ANGEL FOUNDATION CHARITY FOUNDER WRITER MOM P.S. DO YOU THINK ITS FAIR THAT I HAVNT SEEN MY SON IN ALMOST 2 YEARS? PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

03-Mar-14 01:38 PM

VAFA    Said...


29-Mar-14 04:14 PM

vafa    Said...


25-Apr-14 01:12 PM

nejad    Said...

These hispanics are also the ones responsible for killong the 800,000 from Rwanda bcuz Frontline was associated with that just like Frontline is associated with an organization ran by hospanics. In cleveland (david florez) to help blacks out of their guilty conscience of killing the 800 thousand Rwandans.

01-May-14 11:30 AM

Curtis    Said...

I work with Wade Kealoha at Ballys hotel and he said he did not rape Kaivon, he did sell him for sex bcuz he needed the money to make his bets!!!!

01-May-14 11:54 AM

Wendy K.    Said...

I am Wendy Kealoha- wade Kealoha's sister and I knew he tied up kids my mom babysat. He adked me to help him do it.

01-May-14 11:56 AM

Brian    Said...

Why is the child "Kaivon" not with his mom? Why is no one helping her?

01-May-14 12:09 PM

Noah    Said...

Why are the Hispanics not already deported back to their country? Do we have to find a speedy killing machine for them??! I agree with the writer, fertilize the bastereds, a.s.a.p.

01-May-14 12:12 PM

George    Said...


1- Latino/Hispanics hate African Americans great example is what they did in Louisiana (caused the oil leak) and what they did in Detroit ( caused it to go belly up) and these latino/Hispanics pay black music rappers to rap songs belittling their own race and stealing confidence away from them to make them feel powerless and do drugs and not recognize they are being used and fucked with in every single way by Latinos/Hispanics who head unions and steal from our economy by charging 10 times the cost to build roads, parks, schools, govt. bldgs. And cash in on the difference. These Latino/Hispanics are also the one who purposely killed Trayvon ( it was no accident or self -defense , It was all planned. And, these Hispanic/Latinos are also the ones who killed the 800,000 black Rwandans in 1994 and paid off every politician with the money they stole from American economy not to be penalized for their killings and Genocides. 2- The Latinos were the ones who caused the original 9/11 because Saudi Arabia had our World trade center blown up because they found out these Mexicans and Cubans were selling our aborted babies as torture babies worldwide and our whores who work in legislature/congress knew and were getting paid not to tell the Americans what these demons were up to. 3- The millions and millions of missing Walmart and Mild Carton kids who are never found are kidnapped by Latinos/Hispanics then raped, tortured in every way then killed by Mexicans taking them to Cuban Owned Alum./beer plants and throwing them in aluminum acid tubs to conceal evidence. 4- The Latino/Hispanic lead unions are the ones who say to OHIO say yes to #7 when they know that they are stealing because they want to bankrupt OHIO like they did DETROIT. That amendment should have never been introduced because it does not pass the ethics CRITERIA. They say its funded by U.S. bonds but that’s impossible because current U.S. Bonds have zero Value because our country has a deficit of over 16 trillion dollars that it can’t cover thru gold, property, or money. So the entire thing is a sham to steal from our economy and turn us into a communist country like CUBA and CHINA. That’s why we must stop buying stuff that’s made in CHINA. 5- The Latino/ Hispanics are all whores from Cuba and Mexico and south and they openly admit it thru their names like GONZALES = GO AND SELL EZ ASS, HERNANDEZ= HER END IS EZ ASS, LOPEZ= POLE (SHAPE OF PENIS ) IN EASY ASS, MARTINEZ= SELL EZ ASS, SEE ALL THEIR NAMES HAVE ASS IN COMMON WHICH PROVES THESE DONKEY FUCKERS ARE ALL FAGGETS AND THAT’S THEY HAVE CURSED THE WORLD TO BE HOMOS BY THE CURSES THEY IMPOSE ON OUR PLANET EVERY TIME WE SAY THEIR NAMES OUTLOUD- 6- KILL THE WITCH AND THE CURSE WILL BE LIFTED- THEY HATE US BECAUSE IN THE BIBLE GOD TURNED SODOM AND GOMORAH INTO DUST WHICH IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THIS PLANET IF WE DON’T FERTILIZE EVERY HISPANIC/LATINO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE( ALL WE NEED IS 500,000 SOLDIERS TO WIPE THEM OFF THE PLANET IN 10 DAYS) 7- THEY HAVE SPIES IN COURT HOUSES, LAW OFFICES, FEDERAL BLDGS., STORES, UNIONS, CASINO AND NEWS PAPERS/CHANNELS ( U.S.A TODAY, CNN, NBC,ABC AND FASHION MAGAZINE ASSIST. EDITORS/PUBLISHERS ARE MOSTLY HISPANIC) TO EDIT OUT THEIR CRIMES FROM BEING TOLD TO US AMERICANS AND FOR THEM TO KEEP COMMITING CRIMES WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCE AND BE ABLE TO CO-EXIST AMONG US AS THE DEMONS THEY ARE. 8- LOOK UP THE DEFINITION OF DEMON IN GOOGLE AND IT WILL DESCRIBE WHO THESE HISPANIC/LATINOS ARE- THEY ARE DEMONS FROM HELL WHO ONLY INCREASE AND GET STRONG BY KILLING BLACK AND WHITES WHO ARE GODS CHOSEN, THEY KNOW THEY WILL ALL GO TO HELL AND THEY WANT TO TAKE US WITH THEM BY BRAINWASHING US TO BE CRIMINALS LIKE THEM. 9- IN THE BOOK OF LEVITICUS IN THE BIBLE SHOW GOD IS AGAINST GETTING TATTOOS AND LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE THESE LATINO/HISPANIC MOTHER FUCKERS HAVE INSTIGATED TO GET TATTOOS. 10- IN THE BIBLE 1ST CORINTHIANS 15:26 SAYS THE LAST ENEMY OF GOD TO BE DESTROYED IS “DEATH” the Latinos/Hispanic’s LOGO is the” SKULL” which is the synonym of death. So all we need is 500,000 soldiers to remove their entire race from the planet in 10 days. And we would all have heaven on earth for 1000 years as our reward for killing GOD’s last Enemy. LETS RAP THIS UP!

08-May-14 03:30 PM

vafa    Said...

Ever since I found out Jennifer Lopez last name means penis in ass, and I sent comments in all the newspapers that she is a walking whore from Cuba and Cuba made sure she gave her fat ass to every producer in Hollywood bcuz her. Virgina was as big as a house from her prostitute days and she was sent from CUBA to brainwash americans to think its ok to cheat, steal, lie, breakup weddings, wear clothes of guests of a hotel where you work as a maid( what her true profession needs to be) and she justified all that in her movies and murder too. I think she hates me for knowing her real self bcuz I sent letters about judge matthew harter being. Called a pitbull lawyer b4 he wad a judge and soon after my Cuban neigbors bought pitbulls bcuz I said they r the only dogs that eat babies so J-Lo made a song name pitbull and threatened to kill my son by makin a movie about a mother who's son died of drive by shooting where I saw her advertise that while she was holding a cigerrette the same way I do.

08-May-14 08:51 PM

Chris    Said...

I think the best way to realize all Latino/Hispanics need to be wiped off the planet is if we require them and enforce them to take a polygraph as a condition of them not being deleted off the planet. And ask them if they ever killed anyone. Robbed, tortured and gang raped non-hispanics and how many kids they have secually raped/abused, and how many fires they started. I know they will refuse to take a polygraph and go back to their own donkey fucking country. Then we should build a cage around them so they can never come back.

10-May-14 09:57 PM

nick    Said...

The latinos have interrupted my emails by blocking me from using them, they have blocked me from using news channel feedback websites including the white house site, they have double and triple charged my electric thru internet, they have unlawfully blocked my debit card thru internet and if we don't put them in jail by controlling unions to be theives like them they will steal our lives. I say let's make them dig their own graves and let's bury them alive

11-May-14 06:47 PM

Mason    Said...

I really think people need to be aware of where our country is headed if a court order can be broken by law enforcement and none are held accountable! Shouldn't the State of NEVADA be accountable for such crimes against a mother and her child? Why is the boy not with his Mother?

13-May-14 12:13 PM

vafa    Said...

Kaivon is my son. I raised him! I took care of him by sacrificing my life, my time, in every way. So why do I have to cry myself to sleep knowing he is living with his dad who prostituted him and caused his tortures and our motherfucking government does nothing! This is child endangerment by american government. Its bullshit!

15-May-14 10:01 AM

Harry    Said...

Why is this happening in America? Why are the Hispanics in charge of Unions and court who are committing these crimes not being charged for these crimes and WHY is the State of Nevada not being prosecuted by the justice department and the Federal Government? These are all crimes that have happened by law enforcement and the perpetuators need to be charged and put in prison, otherwise it sends the wrong message about the United States. And the Senator of Nevada needs to be questioned!

15-May-14 12:41 PM

Gary    Said...

Mexicans are Aztecs.! Do you know what Aztec stands for? Attack ass! See all donkey fucking homos!

18-May-14 01:23 PM

LARRY    Said...

RAMIREZ is Ram her Easy ass!

19-May-14 10:24 AM

Taylor    Said...

Mexicans and Cubans are the number one jail population that we have to babysit with our hard earned taxes. They really are an ill society and they are the responsibility of their own country- not ours!

26-May-14 09:13 PM

Gary    Said...

Mexicans are whores by name Gonzalez equals "go and sell easy ass" Hernandez equals " her end is easy ass" and many more! .they all have sex with their kids! That's why they are low riders! Disgusting!

06-Jun-14 03:24 PM

vafa    Said...

As if its not enough we babysit Hispanics who crowf our prisons for rape and killing; why are we letting their kids cross our borders? That's bullshit! These kids need to be sent back to Mexico and south! They are not our responsibility! Their own country who has been stealing billions from our economy and kidnapping our kids to take them across their borders for human sacrifice need to take fucking responsibility for their own kids whom they have whored for who knows how long! Deport these kids from Arizona back a.s.a.p. we got enuf to deal with-close our dam borders.

08-Jun-14 08:00 PM

angel    Said...

These Latino Whores who all have sex with their kids(verified) Used their Union influence to put Latino Senators in Office then had those senators pass laws giving family court judges immunity so the judges can get paid behind closed doors to give child custody to the parent who rapes and molests them without any accountibility for their decisions and thats why we have 1000,000+ teenage suicides every year! NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH THEIR PARENTS BUT BECAUSE HISPANIC CULTURE IS AZTEC= ASS ATTACK THEY THINK ITS NORMAL!

13-Jun-14 02:12 PM

John    Said...

Menedez= men end easy ass- disgusting faggets!

13-Jun-14 02:13 PM

jay    Said...

Gonzalez= go and sell easy ass, martinez= sell ass, Selena Gomez= sell anal mug ass, gomez= mug(rape) easy ass, their all whores

13-Jun-14 02:15 PM

Just me    Said...

Seriously! You are a psychotic and delusional bitch! The other people posting on here are apparently psychotic as well. I hope you are all locked up getting help in a mental institution where you belong. Any normal person reading this would know you are insane! Loved the comment that Jlo tried to kill you and wrote a song about it. This world is a sick and sad place and inside your head is no different. They have medication for what you are suffering from. Paranoid delusional schizophrenia. Holy Shit. The world and Hispanics are not conspiring against you. Your racial slurs are disgusting! You call yourself a mother? Do some more drugs! I knew wade personally for a long time. As well as your son. Wade was the most caring and loving father I had ever seen. He was the most gentle, caring man I had ever met. A man incapable of any such bullshit that comes out of your mouth. Thank god he has his son. You are insane and unstable. Get help really or kill yourself. Watch out for Jlo!!! Lol!

08-Jul-14 05:40 PM

vafa    Said...

The last comment was made as additional harassment anf fraud and false and unfounded by MEXICANS which

24-Jul-14 12:29 AM

Vafa    Said...

Mexicans/Latinos are so desperate to attack me more and more! There was over Latinos mostly Mexicans who tried to break in my house in the middle of the nite to try to kill me who were caught by FBI. I WISH EVERY HISPANIC MEXICAN WOULD BE TURNED INTO FERTILIZER and leave me alone! They have no logic and they are all criminals without a conscience!

24-Jul-14 09:07 AM

Vafa    Said...

I was Married to Wade Kealoha for 8 years and I never saw him care about any1 but himself, thats how i know the preceding comment is from the Mexicans_in unions who work with wade and who prostituted and kidnapped my son! Notice just like the violent comment they wrote against me is the degree of harassment, stalking, and violation of all my rights they committed against me in every way!

24-Jul-14 09:15 AM

Joseph    Said...

Notice every time you accuse a Mexican of the truth their first response is always "ur crazy" ! That is how they respond everytime they are GUILTY!

24-Jul-14 09:19 AM

Gish    Said...

In the FBI website it says that most child rapist, molestors, and sexual abusers kidnap the child they are accused of sexually raping and assaulting once they are accused just like what happened to Vafas son. This is proof Vafa is a very honest person and what these Demon Hispanics have put her thru has made her life unjustly unbearable and these Hispanics/Mexicans need to be punished in the worst way for the harassments , attempted murders, financial and domestic international crimes against an innocent mother who has sacrificed her life for the betterment of the world! These Mexicans/Latinos/Hispanics/Cubans need to all be forced to pay millions and millions and even billiins to Vafa & her charities for life!

25-Jul-14 09:00 AM

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