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Good Vibrations
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Janetrussell    Said...

What about Johnny Depp. Have you poms got no taste at all

05-Dec-06 07:32 AM

Pun Meister    Said...

Aw man, Good Vibrations, Love Missile F-11 (Sigue, Sigue Sputnik)

etc, etc

05-Dec-06 12:06 PM

Suzy Dee    Said...

Music to describe my love life? How about "It's all over now" by the Rolling Stones??

05-Dec-06 03:40 PM

Tina B.    Said...

Hey Janet. I live in a tiny village in the West Country and Johnny Depp has just bought a house here. Yep, he's lush alright!

05-Dec-06 04:09 PM

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