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Fender Frontline Online
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dizzy;    Said...

Yeah, another website done in black with white text, greeeeeat.

Fender makes so many variants of the same damn products, I wonder how many people can actually distinguish among: * American * American Deluxe * American Special * American Vintage * Artist * Classic * Custom Artist * Deluxe * Highway One * Showmaster Elite * Special Edition * Standard * Time Machine * Vintage Hot Rod


21-Jun-07 07:23 AM

madmax    Said...

I haven't visited the site, so I wonder if they now have a way to ask questions via email. Once I wanted to know the thickness of the heavy 351 guitar picks. I went to the site, and instead of a way to email the question, the customer support page said to submit the question on the forums. FTS! I had to go to the UK site to submit my question(it's 1.0mm btw).

"Fender makes so many variants of the same damn products"

They should combine the fetures of the Roadhouse Strat and Big Apple Strat and call it the Road Apple Strat. Do a Google search if that didn't make you laugh!

21-Jun-07 08:21 AM

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