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Podcast: Sonic TALK 057 - Prophet 08, Logic 8 Leak
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Looking forward to listening! There's an error in the title of this item, though, as it reads 'Sonic Talk 56' whereas :-) it should of course be 'Sonic Talk 57'

23-Aug-07 06:40 AM

Nick    Said...

D'oh! Thanks Mark

23-Aug-07 06:50 AM

Derek W.    Said...

No worries about taking a break next week--I've already recorded an episode for you guys:

... sort of. ;) I tried to send this along for the 50th episode but my e-mail bounced!

Re: Time Machine being marketed against itself... as demoed, it's being marketed mostly as a tool for recovering old revisions of files and deleted files, rather than a "System Restore"-like function in Windows XP. I don't think anyone could argue against the usefulness of such a thing and get very far... :)

23-Aug-07 09:10 AM

Nick B    Said...

Derek W. - thanks for that - I guess it could be the Duran Duran remix?

23-Aug-07 09:48 AM

RADAR    Said...

nice work ladz.. looking forward to listening to this *od Cast after my pub lunch here in Perth Australia. Is anyone actually excited about a another expensive old school synth remake? I wonder..

Keep up the great journalism, I have been informing all my muso friend here in Aus to check out the Sonicstate site.. and sharing with them all the invaluable information and incite you provide.



24-Aug-07 01:05 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Once again, a very enjoyable listen. Great job!

Two minor niggles though: the length is not 61:54 as listed - my mp3 player makes it about 48 mins. Also, in your list of links you have made the link to '' (with an i instead of an o). Since you also write out the link this is easy to spot though.

Sorry to nag about this - I really enjoy these podcasts and very much appreciate all the work that you put in them.

24-Aug-07 12:50 PM

Dextrus    Said...

made my day to see somebody else appreciate the tracktion software, well done noneric! great podcast as always.

24-Aug-07 03:07 PM

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