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MESSE08: Grow Your Own FX Pedals
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DrJazz    Said...

i think this is really cool, not only as guitar box, but also for the electronic musicians, dj's etc. I even think soon the box itself will be modified into more convenient shapes other then the stompbox design. I for one want one to experiment with, great tool guys!

13-Mar-08 04:08 PM

Bubba    Said...

Very cool, Marcus! You are THE man. I also love your QuadraSynth and XPander designs.

14-Mar-08 09:32 PM

Paulo    Said...

Since Line6 is all open minded now, maybe we could have some linux support for toneports..? Or at least open hardware specifications so coders can work on it... Do something, please..?

12-Sep-08 09:07 AM

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