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MESSE08: Nord Lead Anniversary Model
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Bjarne D.    Said...

It looks as they've just masked the keyboard in Photoshop and pressed invert.

15-Mar-08 06:17 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...

And why 26 years anniversary..?!

15-Mar-08 06:19 AM

News Editor    Said...

How about because I have a stinking hangover and hit the wrong's sorted now.

15-Mar-08 11:44 AM

henrah    Said...

i love sonic state :D

15-Mar-08 01:10 PM


Me 2 :-D

15-Mar-08 08:13 PM

francesco    Said...

symply awful

18-Mar-08 02:02 AM

onxu    Said...

symply awful

18-Mar-08 02:02 AM

biosyn    Said...

Yes sir I do believe I'm going to start saving... This is ridiculously cool.. The keys are a little weird but that black looks so much better than the purple imho

19-Mar-08 08:25 AM

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