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Podcast: Sonic TALK113 - Happy New Year
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Happy New Year, guys! And good luck in NAMM. As usual, I'm really looking forward to your videos!

08-Jan-09 02:30 PM

DBM    Said...

Good luck @ NAMM here is to hoping someone releases an Oberheim clone plugin ...hint ...hint Dave ?

P.S. Not beating a dead horse jut injecting it with some a Reanimater syringe

08-Jan-09 06:48 PM

Dan A.    Said...

The semantic discussion ensued, discombobulating any pedagogical hyperbole.

08-Jan-09 11:53 PM

Nick B    Said...

@DBM - thanks we hope to do our best. I have (hopefully) some real fast video uploads planned NAMM CAM - keep an eye out for them.

09-Jan-09 04:16 AM

Howard S    Said...

DBM said... "Good luck @ NAMM here is to hoping someone releases an Oberheim clone plugin..." PJ implied that Orca was a Juno 106 emulation. Orca is much simpler, and AFAIK its filter is a SEM clone. Whatever - it sounds pretty good! BTW: Might see you guys at NAMM (I'll be in Santa Monica)

09-Jan-09 08:33 AM    Said...

As ever, really looking forward to the NAMM coverage, it appreciated the incredible effort to really bring the best of the show back to us ....

09-Jan-09 08:41 AM

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