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WNAMM09: Plan B New Stuff
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David    Said...

Where's the rest of the video?

Just getting to the really interesting bit (at least for me) and it ends.

09-Feb-09 09:04 AM

Nick B    Said...

We have another quite long piece with Phil Gallow coming soon, but this one should be around 10:11 total running time

09-Feb-09 10:32 AM

Francesco    Said...

I spot alessandro cortini near buchla booth...why didn't you make a video with him?

09-Feb-09 03:33 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Wow, very interesting (and complex) stuff. Looking forward to part two!

09-Feb-09 05:42 PM

Peter Grenader    Said...

Hi to Nick and crew! thanks again for doing this...i'm off to the barber shortly as I noticed I resemble the comic book guy from the Simpson's a bit too much for my liking.

One point of mention tho: It's Phil Gallo as opposed to Phil Gallow..the double-ya being silent.

Thanks again and back to the pool,

- Peter Grenader

10-Feb-09 10:42 AM

subsonix    Said...

is great to see so many new modular systems showing up over the past 18 months. I wonder whether they'll spawn a new wave of hardware synth music... hopefully so

24-Feb-09 05:41 AM

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