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MESSE09: Doepfer Dark Energy
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Benoit    Said...

Yes, too bad for the other brands, but this is the toy everybody will want! True analog doepfer solid with usb and midi control... a dream came true

02-Apr-09 06:23 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

400 euros seems like a lot for a simple monosynth with no keyboard, effects, and built in sequencer these days, even if it sounds like it can authentically re-create the soundtrack to Doctor Who and the Sea Devils...

02-Apr-09 10:46 PM

Thalassa    Said...

Looks very good but I will like another oscillator.

03-Apr-09 01:33 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Wow... this looks like a brilliant way to get into the Doepfer modular without first investing into a complete system. Really, really cool!

03-Apr-09 06:40 AM

Roger    Said...

I agree totally with Marc JX8P. But still, for a simple monosynth, 400€ is quite much.

04-Apr-09 07:07 AM

Kevin    Said...

For those who recognize 400 is too much for this, here is what you are looking for:

04-Apr-09 12:54 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

ITS like a far more complex roland system 100 101 synthesizer unit - sans keyboard of course- and as such, is potentially a steal at that price. Maybe deiter doepfer is plannign a coupel of additional chunky modules in the same style, to make a small system..who knows?

good stuff :-D

06-Apr-09 06:27 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I can always rely on a good German nerd to make me feel thoroughly ignorant. But it's good to be reminded that I only recognize a portion of the tools available to make music.

I admit, I don't get this product - I don't know who it's aimed at and what it's unpleasant noises are used for. Clearly I'm in a minority, and I'm facinated

06-Apr-09 08:57 AM

Matt    Said...

Boring instrument and interview.Can it be played to make music or not? That is the original design for this box, yes.

08-Apr-09 12:12 PM

NTRSN    Said...

this is a monster monosynth !

11-Aug-09 12:07 PM

Mr. Blanco    Said...

Only one vco,one adsr-env and no Portamento are not enough.the price is to expensive. Mr Doepfer must add some other functions to it and think about the price.I have a MS 404 and with Dark E as second vco it can sound like a huge fat analog monster but i will wait.

22-Aug-09 07:52 PM

Mystic radio    Said...

oh i think Dave Smith will have it beaten with TETRA ..... these things are fine if you are Kraftwerk..... but i dont 'really' see the musicality of these devices. sorry

21-Sep-09 09:44 PM

mutantmoments    Said...

I've got one and its a stunning little box of fun, the fact that it has no effects is a bonus, I sold my Mopho to buy it, the Mopho was much more sterile and the user interface was poor, unlike my Evolver. Long live analogue, death to all VA's.....

25-Sep-09 06:09 PM

DOPEfur    Said...

I'm not really digging the idea of this as a synth. Maybe I can get Doepfer to custom make me a machine that detects all the dark energy in the universe.

08-Apr-11 10:52 PM

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