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Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus
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Picky Guy    Said...

Korg forgot to mention that those nearfield monitors in the picture look like Adam A7s :)

22-Jul-09 03:30 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Good! Now my daughter will want me to get a Korg M50!

22-Jul-09 04:22 AM

auxy    Said...

But first she needs to learn how to play that thing!

22-Jul-09 06:36 AM

Jus Celph    Said...

I am not sure if a keyboard on a confrence style desk makes for a home studio? Korg also forgot candles by bed bath and beyond and pain by

22-Jul-09 09:55 AM


they are millionaires and do i see PRESSBOARD shelving?

dont you think they could afford an OASYS?

22-Jul-09 02:23 PM

jingo    Said...

she can play it...she wrote a couple huge hits on it already

22-Jul-09 02:24 PM

robgs    Said...

I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't a studio set - unless Billy Ray buys his furniture from Argos!

22-Jul-09 04:50 PM

Miley Ray Superfan    Said...

Miley's birthday is November 23rd! NOT July 22nd or whatever! GET IT RIGHT!

22-Jul-09 05:59 PM

Hannah M    Said...

Superfan, how dare they! You should contact your local Korg office and berate them immediately!

23-Jul-09 05:05 AM

Me    Said...

Were is she right now

23-Jul-09 04:10 PM

Rep-from-Cali    Said...

Omg I saw justin gatson with megan fox last night having dinner then they went to megans house after

23-Jul-09 04:43 PM

Ire    Said...

Happy birthday Mileyy! From Italy

24-Jul-09 06:47 AM

Ire    Said...

Happy birthday Mileyy! From Italy

24-Jul-09 06:47 AM

Rod    Said...

Happy b-day miley:)

24-Jul-09 10:09 AM

nice kid..    Said...

hey miley cyrus this bridget.. i love u..u are in intelligent, to since of homor....keep up the good work...hit me back up when u get this message..asap

24-Jul-09 09:11 PM

yash    Said...

hey miley. So said to say that one more year of your life has ended. but still wish you a very happy life.

25-Jul-09 02:22 AM

miley    Said...

happy birthday miley you look great stay the same i know you will i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 Peace Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29-Jul-09 11:27 AM

gridsleep    Said...

Poor underprivileged kid. Billy Ray Cyrus couldn't afford an M3? Sorry, I keed. I have an M50. I don't watch Hannah Montana.

13-Oct-10 05:03 AM

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