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M-Powered Mackies
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Sceptic    Said...

Still no official word from Avid/ Digi then.

I wonder why Digi would let Mackie make this? I would imagine that there's reason they would and could break it anytime with a software update.

Surely the copy protection routines are going to be more efficient in Digi/M-Audio hardware than at the driver level too?

13-Oct-09 10:33 AM

Rich    Said...

These devices use the TC Electronic DICE chipset which is also used in the ProFire 2626. If Mackie can fool ProTools into thinking the Onyx is a ProFire then I'm not sure how M-Audio/Digi will get around this...

Maybe they need help from TC Electronic??

It will be fun to watch this one unfold

13-Oct-09 01:01 PM

Subz    Said...

Well seeing as you have to pay for Pro Tools Support i'm Sure Avid are in on the deal!!

16-Nov-09 05:45 AM

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