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MESSE 2015: Schmidt Up Close

Oscillators, Filter and more


MESSE 2015: Malekko Modules for 2015

Something that is not from Roland...

MESSE 2015: Native Instruments Updates

Company reveals the Future of KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards


MESSE 2015: Live Blog Day 4 Tech

One last beer and off we go


MESSE 2015: Apollo Update - Windows

Windows for Firewire users

MESSE 2015: Patchblocks

Lego for music geeks!


MESSE 2015: Bastl Instruments New Modules

3 new modules introduced with the Rumburack complete system

MESSE 2015: 4ms Sampler Prototype

Dan Green gives us a look at a prototype sampler


MESSE 2015: Bastl Instruments Sensors

Bring the outside world into your modular and vice versa


MESSE 2015: East Wick Cases

New cases from our friends at London Modular


MESSE 2015: AJH Synth MiniMod

A Mini Moog Model D in your eurorack

MESSE 2015: Tobias Lindell Has New 500-Series For You

Four new little lovelies from the 500-meister

MESSE 2015: Soundcraft Extends Vi Series

Vi5000 and Vi7000 models introduced

MESSE 2015: Rupert Neve-Designed Tube Mic

sE Electronics announces the RNT, plus a Reflexion Filter for electric guitar amps

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Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave

Part 1 of an extraordinary chat

Podcast: Sonic TALK 398 - Marc Doty And The $1million Dollar Controller

Bob Moog Foundation, Artiphon and HTML5 Drum machines

Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synth Review

Little package, big aspirations

Arturia Microbrute Plus Pedals = Jam

Polara, EHX and Boss pedals meet


1 MESSE 2015: Roland JD-XA Demo

With Scott Tibbs

2 Interview - Alessandro Cortini Part 2

More wonderful Buchlas

3 Nord Introduces Stage 2 EX

Stage 2 line updated with doubled memory for piano library and ultra-lightweight 76-key model

5 MESSE 2015: Awesome Arturia Beatstep Pro Demo

8 Brutes and the Beatstep Pro

6 MESSE 2015: Roland System 100M Analog Modules

Made in conjunction with Malekko

More Videos

Odyssey In The Hands Of Someone Who Knows 

GForce Software's Dave Spiers compares it to the MK3

MESSE 2015: East Wick Cases 

New cases from our friends at London Modular

MESSE 2015: Awesome Arturia Beatstep Pro Demo 

8 Brutes and the Beatstep Pro

DanceFair 2015: More Time With The Arp Odyssey 

Free form souind demos from Sonar Traffic