Sonic State Music Tech News: hardware

Allen & Heath Launches Qu Chrome Mixers

Metallic finish and major new features

Mobile Keyboard Controller Goes Universal

IK Multimedia announces iRig Keys and iRig Keys PRO for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator Now Available

Eurorack synth module with two independent generators and modulation bus ships

Connect 25 MIDI Devices Without Daisy-Chaining

Kenton's new THRU-25 puts 25 MIDI Thru ports in one box


Desktop Sequencer For Modulars And MIDI

Fyrd Instruments releases the SQR Analog & MIDI sequencer


Advanced Control Of Presonus Mixers

PreSonus Ships StudioLive CS18AI mix controller for StudioLive RM Mixers

A New Role For The LinnStrument

New mode automatically switches it to become a typing keyboard


Vintage-Style Tube Mastering Compressor

The SPL IRON mastering compressor is now available in stores

BOSS Pedal Creates Any Delay Sound

DD-500 digital delay effects pedal is now available


Expressive MIDI Controller Set To Make Waves From ROLI

ROLI's Seaboard RISE remodels the keyboard as a pressure-sensitive, continuous surface


API-Style Mic Pre In 500 Series Format

Black Lion Audio releases 500 Series B12A MKII

Audio Damage Announces New Eurorack Module

Kompressor is a DSP-based buss compressor with mono and stereo operating modes

What's The Most Comprehensive Controller For Logic?

Nektar says it's their newly-upgraded Panorama P1, P4, and P6 keyboards. Find out why...


Elektron Introduces Overhub

A USB hub tailored for Overbridge, but equally useful in other computer studio setups

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Presentation: Panorama P4 with Reaper

Multiple Instrument and Plug-in native mapping

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash 3 Reverb Pedal

Analog and digital circuit verb

Live Blog: Knobcon 2015

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1 Roland Boutique Synths Are With Us

Limited edition recreations of Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and JX-3P officially launched today

2 Novation Circuit - First Look

Exclusive look at the new groovebox

3 Roland's Boutique Synths In Action

JP-08, JU-06, and JX-03 get a video demo

4 Moog Mothership Has Landed

Mother 32 affordable modular

5 No More Minimoog Voyager

Moog ends production after 13 years - 600 final units to be built

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Stekker 2015: Richard Devine - Live Rig Part 2 

Richard dives into the Circadian Rhythms new firmware

Stekker 2015: Mark Verbos 

Mark talks philosophy of his designs

Sonic LAB: Boomstar Modular 4075 Filter 

Arp Lowpass Eurorack module

Stekker 2015: Colin Benders Modular Setup 

Mr Kyteman gives a performance and a rundown of the modular rig he used for performance at Modulation