Sonic State Music Tech News: 2

NAMM 2017: Softube Console 1 Price Drop and UAD Support

40 percent off - that'll do

NAMM 2017: The Missing Link Between Turntable And Studio

iConnectivity spinXLR offers the easiest way to connect your turntable to your studio

NAMM 2017: New JBL Master Reference Monitors

JBL 7 Series powered studio monitors are designed for critical listening applications

NAMM 2017: Classic Analogue Flanger Returns In 500 Format

Bel announces the BF-20-500 Stereo Flanger

NAMM 2017: New Presonus Audio/MIDI Interfaces

Studio 2|6 and 6|8 launched

NAMM 2017: Slate Digital's Virtual Recording Studio

Hardware and software products working together to create an entire audio ecosystem

NAMM 2017: DAW From The Makers Of RADAR

iZ Session is said to offer RADAR's rock solid performance and ease of use in software

NAMM 2017: Two New Focusrite Mic Pres

Scarlett OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic are eight-channel units

NAAM 2017: Teenage Engineering OP Z

Latest developments of the sequencer and video synth

NAMM 2017: Soundcraft Ui24R Combines Mixer And Multitrack Recording

24 input channels with Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing,

NAMM 2017: New From Rupert Neve...

...Ten Space 500 Series Rack and SwiftMix MC5 Master Control

NAMM 2017: New Tascam Microphones

TM-series expanded with cardioid condensers and drum mic set

NAMM 2017: MOTU Debuts Three Audio Interfaces

The M64, 8D and LP32 connect via high-speed USB 2.0

NAMM 2017: New Dynaudio 3-Way Studio Monitor

LYD 48 is suited for both nearfield and midfield monitor applications

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Sonic LAB: Arturia MatrixBrute Preview

We got one here - any questions?

Using Kontakt Player In Productions - Part 2

More on Spitfire Audio Libraries

Sonic LAB: Roland System-8 Preview - Questions?

We'll answer them in the full review

Using Kontakt Player In Productions - Part 1

Integrating sample libraries using the free Kontakt Player


NAMM 2017: Elektron Debuts Digitakt 8-track Drum Machine And Sampler

Described as a Beat Making Powerhouse and coming this spring

NAMM 2017: Koma Elektronik Field Kit

We get a look at one of the most successful Kickstarters in our industry

NAMM 2017: Dave Smith Instruments Rev 2

16 voices based on Prophet 8

NAMM 2017: Dave Smith's New 16-voice Analog Synth

REV2 is designed to be a successor to the Prophet '08

NAMM 2017: Percussa Synthor System 8

New Wireless Digital Modular Synthesizer

NAMM 2017: Bitwig 2.0 Preview

Modulations, IO latency

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NAMM 2017: Modal Electronics 5 Crafts Together 

We talk to their creator

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NAMM 2017: New Presonus Digital Mixers 

PreSonus unveils third-generation StudioLive Series III consoles

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NAMM 2017: New Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Range - First Look 

Richard Nichol was on hand to show of the new pieces in the Lifeforms range

NAMM 2017: Dreadbox Abyss Four Voice Poly 

With interesting modulation possibilities

NAMM 2017: Bitwig 2.0 Preview 

Modulations, IO latency

NAMM 2017: WMD - New Eurorack Modules for 2017 

Alex takes us through the range of upcoming modules

NAMM 2017: Malekko and Industrial Music Electronics Groovebox Collaboration 

Josh and Scott show us through their collaborative grooveboxes