Sonic State Music Tech News: 23

Vocal Performing/Recording App Updated

IK Multimedia VocaLive 2 features a full editing studio

Summer NAMM 2014: Another Lightning Mic For iOS

Blue Microphones announces Mikey Digital with Lightning connection for iPhone and iPad

Multitrack Recording On Your iPad

PreSonus introduces Capture for iPad and Capture Duo

Steinberg Introduces VST Connect Performer For iPad

Online remote recording collaboration for Cubase

Microphone For iPhone 5

RĂ˜DE announces the iXY with Lightning connector

Free Creative Vocal Recorder For iOS

Propellerhead's Take is now available


Portable Lightning/USB MIDI interface

IK Multimedia launches iRig MIDI 2 for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC

Akai Releases iMPC Pro

64-track music production app for iPad


SonicTouch: EP 33 - Max Out USB - WIn CME Xkeys

We hookup 7 USB devices to a single iPad and play


New iOS Amp And Effects App

Yonac releases ToneStack

JoeCo Releases New JoeCoRemote App

Remote control of BlackBox Recorder or Player enhanced

Additive/Wavetable Synth For iOS

Wooji Juice releases Mitosynth

Universal Tablet And Smartphone Mic Stand Supports

IK Multimedia launches iKlip Xpand and iKlip Xpand Mini

Studio Reverb For iOS

Fiedler Audio releases the AD 480 Reverb

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 368 - MC202 Album

Alessandro Cortini,SLorK, 100 Great Basslines

Blog: Store Now, Retrieve Tomorrow

The difficulties of data longevity -

Bitwig Review - Part 2 - A Closer Look

Gaz Williams takes us through more features

Sonic LAB: Jedonian - MS20 To EuroRack Module

From Touell Skouarn CV and Gate in both directions.


1 Summer NAMM 2014: Yamaha's 40 Years Of Synthesisers

Celebrations kick off with a limited edition MOTIF XF in white

2 Summer NAMM 2014: Dave Smith Pro 2 First Look

Sound On Sound gets the skinny from Carsten

3 Another LinnStrument Demo

Roger Linn improvises

4 Novation Launch Control XL -More Control Innit?

Knobs, faders and buttons in one unit

5 Summer NAMM 2014: Live Blog

Posts from Music City, Nashville

More Videos

Presentation: Nektar and Plug-ins In Cubase 

A closer look at control of devices and instruments

Presentation: Elektron Analog RYTM 

Analog drum machine with sample playback

Presentation: E-Instruments Session Keys Grand S and Y 

Kontakt based grand pianos have great dynamics and more.

SonicTouch: EP 33 - Max Out USB - WIn CME Xkeys 

We hookup 7 USB devices to a single iPad and play