Sonic State Music Tech News: 23

Envelope Shaper For iPad And AU/VST

Klevgränd produktion releases Kuvert

MIDI Controller App For iPhone

Miditure has been designed to get the most out of Apple's new 3D Touch capable devices

Arturia iSEM Synth Upgraded

Oberheim-style synth app now works with Apple's all-new Audio Unit Extensions


Beat-Making Sketchpad For iOS Expanded

Native Instruments introduces iMASCHINE 2


Virsyn Releases Poseidon Synth For iPad

An ocean of sound on your Apple tablet


Free Recording Studio For iOS

Wooji Juice's Ferrite is said to combine voice memo ease of use with multi-track editing


Portable Steinberg Audio Interface For iPad

Second iteration of UR22 adds full iPad support with USB 2.0 class-compliant connectivity


Spook The Trick Or Treaters With Sound

Pro Sound Effects Halloween Haunted House app builds custom horror soundscapes

An Intelligent Microphone

iDynamic mic uses iOS or Android app to find its optimum position and get the best sound

iOS Field Recorder With Warp Function

FieldScaper creates unusual sounds from any environmental audio recording or sample

Logic Controller App Optimized For iPhone

Delora upgrades lpTouch to make the most of iPhone/iPod touch screen size


Step Sequencer For iPad

midiSTEPs from Art Kerns has similarities to an SH-101 sequencer


A Different De-esser

Klevgränd Esspresso's detection frequency range isn't coupled with the suppressors frequency range

Prepared Digital Piano For iPad

Dan Trueman releases bitKlavier

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Sonic LAB: Presentation - Whats New In iZotope RX 5

The audio restoration package gets more

Podcast: Sonic TALK 426 - From The Finger To The Mouth And Flesh

DBX GoRack, Tim Exile, Mandala V3 Drums, Markus Fuller JP-08

Sonic LAB: Roland Boutique JP-08

An iconic synth in DSP form

Podcast: Interview: Eric Mouquet from Deep Forest

From his synth cave deep in the heart of France

Sonic LAB: Roland Boutique JU-06

Pint size poly recreation of the juno 106


1 Alesis VX49 - A Smarter Keyboard Controller

New keyboard offers direct control of virtual instruments without a computer

2 Moog System 55 Modular Synth In Action

A sonic environment to explore the duality of connection and isolation

3 Podcast: Sonic TALK 426 - From The Finger To The Mouth And Flesh

DBX GoRack, Tim Exile, Mandala V3 Drums, Markus Fuller JP-08

4 New Roland SYSTEM-500 Modules

Something to put in that new Roland Eurorack case, then...

5 Roland Introduces Its First Eurorack Case

The SYR-E84 fits AIRA modular electronic instruments as well as standard Eurorack modules

6 Celebrate The Soviet Synth

Polivoks 33rd anniversary - get the CD and T-Shirt

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Sonic LAB: Roland Boutique JU-06 

Pint size poly recreation of the juno 106

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