Sonic State Music Tech News: 4

New Version Of Free Windows Synth

B.Serrano releases Anubis 2

Omnisphere 2.0 Is Here - It Broke The Internet

Version 2 released - store down for increased capacity

More On Softube's Drum Synth

Now scheduled for summer release at $199


Tone 2 Releases Saurus 2

New version of the analog synth emulation has a reworked synthesis engine

Rapture Pro Ships

Cakewalk synth for Mac and Windows is now available

Monosynth For iOS, Mac and Windows

Klevgrand Enkl features two separate oscillators with individual LFOs

Put Some Waterphone In Your Productions

Soundiron releases Waterharp v2.0 multi-sampled percussion and effects library

MESSE 2015: Nektar P4 and Mainstage

More developments in the integration

Clavinet And More For Pianoteq

Modartt's Hohner Collection features the D6, Electra-piano and Pianet T

MESSE 2015: Waldorf Attack For iPad - Sings

New version available soon

Visual Sound Constructor

Jobo Music's Flexion is coming soon to Mac and Windows

MESSE 2015: JoboMusic Flexion Synth

A unique new soft synth that uses what they call construction synthesis

MESSE 2015: U-he HIVE A New Synth

Quality sounds low DSP load

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Get Your Modular Started With A Case

Choices for price and expandability

Podcast: Sonic TALK 401 - Blue Mofi,MIDI and Apple Watch

Modor NF-1, the watch why? MIDI in the browser

Podcast: Sonic TALK - With Guitar and Modular Editors

Musik Messe wrap with our other team members

Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave

Part 1 of an extraordinary chat


1 Not A Drum Machine For Bar Bands

Metasonix D-2000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine is available and ready to blow your ass off

2 Listen To The Prophet 6

INHALT posts an audio demo of the new Sequential Prophet 6 on YouTube

3 Podcast: Sonic TALK 401 - Blue Mofi,MIDI and Apple Watch

Modor NF-1, the watch why? MIDI in the browser

4 Mista Bishi Posts Electribe ES2 Sampler Track

Another set from the Electribe master

5 Wait Is That A Novation MoroderNova?

Glimpse of a synth in Moroder/Sia video

6 MUSIC Group Acquires TC Group

Behringer and TC Electronic are now under one roof

More Videos

MESSE 2015: Mode Machines 

A look at the full range on offer from Mode Machines

MESSE 2015: UA Apollo Converters Update 

This is what the new units use

DanceFair 2015: More Time With The Arp Odyssey 

Free form souind demos from Sonar Traffic

MESSE 2015: 4ms Dual Looping Delay 

A brand new module for MusikMESSE