Sonic State Music Tech News: 4

iPad Drum Machine Coming Soon

Olympia Noise Co. announces Patterning


Additive Synth For Reason

Oberon is now available from the Propellerhead shop

Sample-Based Synth For Reason

Mixfood Unison Xs from Studio Corbach released

Synthetic Sound With Organic Flavour

Musicrow releases ORGANIC 'synth' for NI Reaktor

Togu Audio Line Releases TAL-Sampler

An analog modeled synthesizer with a sampler engine as sound source

Free Noise Generator For Windows

MaxSynths releases PAL-9000

Softube's New Drum Synth Is Now Available

Heartbeat released for Mac and Windows

XILS-lab Releases Syn'X 2

Soft synth based on the Elka Synthex relaunched with modern-day makeover

Touch-Screen Synthesis

Bit Shape releases free TC-Performer synth for iOS

8 Historical Steinway Pianos

Sound Magic releases Mega Steinway collection

U-he HIVE Cinematic Soundtrack Demo

Factory sounds in action


Orchestra For Reason

ProjectSAM Orchestral Sampler features strings, brass and woodwinds recorded as mixed ensembles


Subtractive Chiptune Synth For Windows

Sound-Base Audio introduces RBXL VSTi

Emotional Piano For Reason

Soundiron's virtual grand piano now available as a Rack Extension

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 409 - Post Glasto Kanye Come Down

LFO the movie, AJH Synth Mini Mod, Scope art

Synth Works:Abstract Data - Show Us Their Workshop

UK maker sends us some insider snaps

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig

Live modular performance setup

Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?

Podcast: Sonic TALK 408 - Reface and Glastonbury

Travelling lite, grumpy engineers,

Synth Works: Pittsburgh Modular

Behind the scenes in the workshop


1 Yamaha ReFace Teaser 3 - What News?

Surely the picture is getting clearer?

2 Wait, So There Is A New Synthex?

Mario Maggi - the original designer announces new synth

3 The Last Delay You'll Ever Need?

UVI releases Relayer plug-in for Mac and Windows

4 Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?

6 Create EDM Grooves

Hal Leonard's new book, Electronic Dance Music Grooves, shows you how

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Meet The Makers - Dieter Doepfer 

The father of Eurorack

MESSE 2015: TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Gets Extreme 

Load and play entire songs and automate effect changes

MESSE 2015: Presonus Offer Moving Faders With CS18AI 

Control surface for up to 64c hannels of RM AI mixer

Sonic Lab: UAD Compressors - Manley Variable Mu and Brainworx VSC-2 

We take a look at a lovely pair