Sonic State Music Tech News: 9

A Trio Of Plug-Ins For Daily Use

Plug & Mix releases the Ultimate Precision 'Pro Series' Plug-ins

New Loudness Meter Plug-In

HoRNet ELM 128 for Mac and Windows complies with the EBU R128 standard

Fuzzbox In A Plug-In

Audio Damage releases FuzzPlus 3 for Mac and Windows


Dense Washes Of Sound In Ableton

Siren Audio releases Wash, a free Max for Live device

Sonic Lab: UAD Compressors - Manley Variable Mu and Brainworx VSC-2

We take a look at a lovely pair


Dither Plug-In For Macs

Goodhertz releases Good Dither in AU and AAX formats

Plug-In For The Sound Of Hot Tubes

Wave Arts releases Tube Saturator 2 for Mac and Windows


Decimate The Frequency Spectrum

Glitchmachines Subvert distortion processor for Mac and Windows is designed to do just that

New REmatrix Library

Overloud releases Drive Blast set of impulse responses and presets

T-RackS Processors For Less

IK Multimedia offers savings over 60% with the T-RackS Grand Slam


Audio Slicing Plug-In For Macs

Sinevibes releases Fraction


303 Emulation For Reason

Audiorealism ABL3 Computer Bassline Rack Extension released


Waves H-Reverb Now Available

New plug-in offers richer, deeper reverb tails

Rob Papen Announces Upgrade Offers

Discounts available on eXplorer-III bundle

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Meet The Makers - Make Noise

Tony Rolando speaks in part four of our series

Presentation: e-Instruments Session Keys Electric R

Definitive Kontakt Rhodes instrument

8 Options For Starting With A Semi Modular

Not ready to go all in yet? Try these for size

Meet The Makers - The Harvestman

Part 2 with our chats with the masters of Eurorack


1 Hardware Sequencing Workflow Revolutionised?

Squarp is taking orders for the Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer

2 An Arp Mod For The Werkstatt

Using an Arduino and some jumpers you can add this functionality

3 Presonus Updates Studio One DAW

Studio One 3 makes its debut

4 A Korg M1 For Your iPad

Korg iM1 makes its debut at the app store

5 Sonic LAB: AIRA System-1M Presentation

Roland's new Eurorack ready Synth

6 Free Sounds For Arturia Synths

Musicrow releases Analog Sound Collection LE

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MESSE 2015: Koma Elektronik Komplex Updates 

Updates on the Komplex Sequencer and nice little explanation

Meet The Makers - Pittsburgh Modular 

Part 3 of our chats with the masters of Eurorack

Meet The Makers - Make Noise 

Tony Rolando speaks in part four of our series

MESSE 2015: 4ms Sampler Prototype 

Dan Green gives us a look at a prototype sampler