Sonic State Music Tech News: 9

Multi FX Plug-In For Mac And Windows

Glitchmachines Convex is designed to create contorted artifacts

NAMM 2015: Waves Announces dbx 160 Plug-In

Respected Compressor / Limiter modelled

NAMM 2015: David Bendeth Compressor

Boz Digital Labs plug-in brings back the sound of a vintage British EQ/Compressor

NAMM 2015: Get Butch Vig's Vocal Sound

Waves announces the Waves Signature Series Butch Vig Vocals plugin


NAMM 2015: Waves Unveils H-Reverb

Plug-in based on algorithmic FIR (Finite Impulse Response) reverberation technology

NAMM 2015: BIAS Update - New Amps

Positive Grid introduces Strandberg Signature BIAS amps

NAMM 2015: Focusrite Plug-Ins For Pro Tools

Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite feature 64-bit AU, VST and AAX compatibility

NAMM 2015: Dual Band Transient Shaper

Softube's new plug-in can affect the treble or bass portion of a sound separately for sustain and punch

NAMM 2015: UA Announces Apollo Expanded Software

Interface combining, new plug-ins and more...

Hit The Right Loudness target

TC Electronic introduces new Loudness Normalization plug-in with stand-alone capability

Sonnox Announces New Plug-In Bundle

Sonnox LIVE is a bundle of plug-ins specifically for Avid VENUE consoles

Want Perfectly Neutral Sound From Your Headphones?

Sonarworks offers high-definition studio headphone calibration

Tremolo/Panner For Mac And Windows

Audiority releases Tremolan

Extreme FX For Mac DAWs

Sinevibes Extremum AU effect plug-in features phaser, chorus and filter algorithms

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Podcast:Sonic TALK 389 - Damn! Its NAMM!

What we know, and what we dont know

Guest Post: Presets Make You Lazy

Live for the moment writes Mr Nice Legz

Sonic LAB: Akai APC Mini Live Control

Budget clip launcher with faders

Berlin Diaries: U-he Headquarters

Urs Heckman is buying up almost every hardware synth of the last 50 years!


1 NAMM 2015: Day 4 - Tech

We made it. How did we do?

3 NAMM 2015: Elektron Overbridge Update

Audio routing and a sneak of the UI for the editor

4 NAMM 2015: The Future Of Online Mastering With MixGenius

The LANDR cloud service has big plans

5 NAMM 2015: Yamaha Vintage Synth Museum Tour

Essential viewing SY2 through CS80 to VL3

6 NAMM 2015: Vermona 14 Mono Synthesizer

14 Years of Vermona being back in the synth game

More Videos

NAMM 2015: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Series 

Three tiny little machines!

NAMM 2015: Arturia Audio Fuse Video 

Glen Darcy takes us through the new baby

Berlin Diaries: KOMA Elektronik Headquarters 

A chat with the new kids on the block

Sonic LAB: Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer 

A beast of a synthesizer