Sonic State Music Tech News: 9

More Fender Guitar Amps Modelled

IK Multimedia and Fender announce Fender Collection 2 for AmpliTube

LA-2A Compression Revisited

Black Rooster Audio says their VLA-2A for Mac and Windows is the world's finest emulation

Plug-In Treats Cymbal Bleed In Tom Tracks

Joey Sturgis Tones introduces Tominator

Plug-in Resurrector Updated

Sound Radix 32 Lives 32- to 64-bit adaptor gets VST compatibility

Antares Acquires SoundSoap

Vocal processing specialist now has line of audio noise reduction products

Creative Filtering Plug-In

PSP stompFilter for Mac and Windows offers a range of modulated filter and gain sounds

Free Modular Channel Strip Plug-In

LVC-Audio's T-Chain has free EQ, Compressor and Gate, plus you can buy extra modules

Melodyne Updated

Celemony release Melodyne 4.1 with new functions and greater ease of use

Mastering Made Easy

iZotope Ozone 7 Elements is a beginners preset-based mastering plug-in

FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plug-In Launches

High-end algorithmic reverb features an intuitive Space control

Delay Plug-In With Extras

PolygonSheep's Stealth Delay features 3 filter types and other effects

Get Some Of That Abbey Road Vinyl Warmth

Waves ships their Abbey Road Vinyl Plugin

Stereo Spreading Tool

Klevgränd Haaze adds different amounts of stereo widening to different frequency regions

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Sonic LAB: OB-6 Desktop Analog Poly Review

6 voices of Oberheim goodness

Sonic LAB: Softube Modular - Virtual Eurorack

Doepfer and Intellijel Emulations


Minimoog Model D Discussed

Keyboardists give their first impressions in a new video

New SSL DAW Controller Ships

Nucleus² is now available

Bastl Kastle Mini Modular In Action

Watch the demo video of the battery-powered, pocket-size modular synthesizer

Sonic LAB: Novation Circuit Update 1.4

New features transform the Circuit

New Cyclone TT-606 Drum Machine Clone Available

Get that classic Drumatix sound

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