Sonic State Music Tech News: 9

Plug-In Offers Optical And VCA Compression

Sknote releases SDC Stereo Double Compressor for Mac and Windows

More On Softube's Drum Synth

Now scheduled for summer release at $199


Free Plug-In To Remove Harshness

Noisebud releases Smile VST for Windows

German Broadcast Compressor/Limiter Emulated

Audified releases u73b Compressor for Mac and Windows

VST And AU Version Of Echobode

Sonic Charge's delay with frequency shifter was previously available for Reason only


Roger Linn Discontinues AdrenaLinn Sync

Beat-synced plug-in is no longer viable


Updated EQ And Dynamics Plug-In

HoRNet releases ChannelStrip MK3 for Mac and Windows

Free Octave Divider VST For Windows

Christopher Hooker's Octaver OC-D2 is based on the Boss OC-2 pedal

Stereo Limiter For Mac and Windows

TBProAudio releases LA xLimit

Play Ableton Chords Using One Note

Siren Audio releases Puck Free Max for Live device

Octavia In A Plug-In

Wire Grind releases the Woctavia octave doubling fuzz VST for Windows

Legendary Flanger Resurrected In A Plug-In

D16 Antresol takes its inspiration from the EHX Electric Mistress range

Turn Any Sound Into A Rhythmic Progression

Dmitry Sches releases Tantra plug-in for Mac and Windows

MESSE 2015: Zynaptiq Morph 2 - Wow

Not just voices, but two separate mixes

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 401 - Blue Mofi,MIDI and Apple Watch

Modor NF-1, the watch why? MIDI in the browser

Podcast: Sonic TALK - With Guitar and Modular Editors

Musik Messe wrap with our other team members

Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave

Part 1 of an extraordinary chat

Podcast: Sonic TALK 398 - Marc Doty And The $1million Dollar Controller

Bob Moog Foundation, Artiphon and HTML5 Drum machines


1 More Roland JD-XA From Mr Tibbs

A chance to hear in hi-fi

2 Not A Drum Machine For Bar Bands

Metasonix D-2000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine is available and ready to blow your ass off

3 Podcast: Sonic TALK 401 - Blue Mofi,MIDI and Apple Watch

Modor NF-1, the watch why? MIDI in the browser

4 Mista Bishi Posts Electribe ES2 Sampler Track

Another set from the Electribe master

5 MUSIC Group Acquires TC Group

Behringer and TC Electronic are now under one roof

6 Free Roland AIRA Masterclass In London

May 9th at SubBass DJ Academy

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MESSE 2015: Behringer X Air - Full Range Imminent 

Little box of big DSP

MESSE 2015: East Wick Cases 

New cases from our friends at London Modular

MESSE 2015: Nektar P4 and Mainstage 

More developments in the integration

MESSE 2015: Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box Demo 

Richard gives us a full look at the new offering