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Waves Announces New Interactive Show

Third episode of Everything Audio, the New Business of Music, streams on Friday

Prism Sound Announces Mic To Monitor Events

A series of UK and USA educational seminars for the autumn of 2015

Bitwig And Nektar UK Summer Seminars

Unleashing creativity in electronic music production

Free Online Mastering Tutorials

iZotope offers free weekly educational materials to celebrate Mastering Month


Tom Oberheim Speaks

A video interview with a synth pioneer

Roland SYSTEM-1m Demoed By Berklee Prof

Dr. Richard Boulanger, professor of Electronic Production and Design, gets hands-on in a new video series


From Mic To Mix With Mike Clink

The Recording Academy hosts an event in Seattle

Create EDM Grooves

Hal Leonard's new book, Electronic Dance Music Grooves, shows you how


Learn Synthesis On Your iPad

Audible Genius releases Syntorial synthesizer tutorial for the iPad

Synth Designers Speak

Watch Roger Linn, Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim take part in a panel discussion


How To Unlock Your Creativity

Hal Leonard releases A Producer's Guide to Making Music and Art

The Berlin School Of Electronic Music (1969-1980)

Follow the timeline to see the roots of Electronic Dance Music


iZotope Launches Mastering Academy

Hands-on mentoring for audio professionals with Jonathan Winer

Getting Started With Music Production

New Hal Leonard book shows how to record, edit, and mix music using a DAW

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Synth Works: The Portland Laboratories of 4ms

More shots from behind the scenes

Roland JD-XA Review - Part 1

We look at the Analog engine


2 Modal 008 First Patch Demos

The new analog poly gets voices

3 AIRA System 1m Plug-Out CV Integration

Roland's official channel release gets on an ambient tip

4 Stekker 2015: What is Studio Stekker?

Colin Benders explains the philosophy and point behind Studio Stekker

5 Stekker 2015: Mark Verbos

Mark talks philosophy of his designs

6 RODE Microphones Acquires Aphex

Aural Exciter company gets a new owner

More Videos

Yamaha ReFace DX - Exclusive First Look 

The second in the range has an FM engine

Roland JD-XA Review - Part 1 

We look at the Analog engine

Eventide H9 Harmonizer and More 

Multi-effects for the guitarist live or in the studio

Stekker 2015: What is Studio Stekker? 

Colin Benders explains the philosophy and point behind Studio Stekker