Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

New Version Of Loudness Meter

MAAT announces release of their next generation DRMeter MkII plug–in

Bucket Brigade Analog Delay Emulated

Bucket-500 recreates the sound while adding modern features

Two New Brainwork Plug-Ins

An EQ based on the Amek 9098 and a delay

Sound Design Tool Creates Weapon Sounds

Krotos Audio Weaponiser offers a one-stop solution for film and game composers

PreSonus Updates Studio Magic Plug-in Suite

Seven plug-ins in VST, AU and AAX formats

Classic A/DA Flanger As A Powered Plug-In

Universal Audio releases A/DA Flanger and Friedman Buxom Betty Amp for UAD Platform

Vintage Helios Console Emulated

Universal Audio releases Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Plug-In Collection in UAD Software v9.5

Paulstretch As A Plug-In

PaulXStretch now available as AU and VST

Plug-In Offers Vintage Modulation Effects

Tube Modulator is a collection of tremolo, vibrato and spatial position effect circuits

Plug-In Generates Infinite Variations Of A Sound

AudioTexture can generate complexity from a simple sound

Plugindoctor Gives Your Plug-ins A Check Up

DDMF releases a cross-platform and cross-bitformat plug-in analyzer for VST and AU plug-ins

Sound Design Plug-In Updated

Transformizer Pro gets a host of new creative features in Version 1.2

Sequenced Filterbank For Reason

BHK Samples releases Parafilter III Sequencer

Loudness And True Peak Finalizer

FinalLoud lets audio reach a target loudness level while maintaining given True Peak ceiling

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NAMM 2018: Sonicstate Awards

And the winners are...

NAMM 2018: Pioneer DJS-1000

New performance sampler

Arturia MiniBrute 2 -A Brand New Brute

New structure, sequencer, bigger patchbay


NAMM 2018: Behringer Drop A New Synth - Neutron

Its RED and sounds pretty good

NAMM 2018: Roland TR-808 and TR-909 VIs

Roland's first-ever TR-808 and TR-909 software instruments exclusively for Roland Cloud

MIDI Capability Inquiry (MIDI-CI) Spec Adopted

New feature of MIDI technology paves the way for significant future expansion

Portable Acoustic Treatment Kits Now Available

Auralex MAX Kits are designed for the travelling musician and recording pro on-the-go

Paulstretch As A Plug-In

PaulXStretch now available as AU and VST

Patch Editor/Librarian For The Yamaha FS1R

Edit the 8-operator FM synth from your iPad

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NAMM 2018: Nord Electro 6 - First Look 

New layout, patch overlap and more

Sonic LAB: Roland SH-01A Boutique 

Classic Roland SH-101 in ACB

Sonic LAB: Roland D-05 Boutique 

Classic 80s LA Synthesis

Sonic LAB: SOMA Laboratory Lyra 8 Organismic Synth 

8 voices of pure madness