Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Transparent De-esser Plug-In

XILS-lab releases XILS DeeS for Mac and Windows

Free VSTi For Windows

Beat Assist releases Esfera synrth for ambient and special effects

Harmonic Enhancer With Vintage Valve Emulation

AudioThing releases Valve Exciter for Mac and Windows

Easy Bus Peak Limiter

Voxengo releases EBusLim for Mac and Windows

BBE Sound Releases Sonic Sweet v3.0

Bundle optimized with additional Mach 3 Bass enhancer plug-in

Complete Toolkit For Stereo Work

DMG Audio releases Dualism for Mac and Windows

Set Of Three Compressors For Windows

WNP Sounds releases Collection VS-C

Ambience Plug-Ins

Sound Magic's Reverb bundle features reverb, imaging, surround and delay

Sample Accurate Delay Plug-In

Forward Audio releases fa SampleDelay

Thermionic Culture Vulture In A Plug-In

Exclusively for UAD Powered Plug-Ins Platform and Apollo Audio Interfaces

More Softube Plug-Ins For UAD And Apollo

Universal Audio releases Tonelux Tilt EQ and Valley People Dynamics Processor

Compressor Plug-In For Mac And Windows

audioD3CK releases ChopChop

Plug-In Balances Your Frequency Response

Youlean releases Freq-Balancer VST for Windows

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1 Video: New AIRA Firmware And SH-101 Plug-out

Many fixes and tweaks to the range, official release of SH-101 plug out

2 Vocal Performing/Recording App Updated

IK Multimedia VocaLive 2 features a full editing studio

3 Podcast: Sonic TALK 369 - The 30 Grand Limiter

Klaus Schulze, themetunes,Yamaha 40 years, ploytec

4 Classy Console Furniture

ZAOR's MAREA media workstation provides a home for new-gen mixing consoles

5 Complete Dance Anthems With Vocals

Ueberschall releases Vocal Dance Hits sample set

6 Moog At The Movies

Unexpected Moog movie soundtrack appearances

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