Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

NAMM 2015: David Bendeth Compressor

Boz Digital Labs plug-in brings back the sound of a vintage British EQ/Compressor

NAMM 2015: Get Butch Vig's Vocal Sound

Waves announces the Waves Signature Series Butch Vig Vocals plugin


NAMM 2015: Waves Unveils H-Reverb

Plug-in based on algorithmic FIR (Finite Impulse Response) reverberation technology

NAMM 2015: BIAS Update - New Amps

Positive Grid introduces Strandberg Signature BIAS amps

NAMM 2015: Focusrite Plug-Ins For Pro Tools

Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite feature 64-bit AU, VST and AAX compatibility

NAMM 2015: Dual Band Transient Shaper

Softube's new plug-in can affect the treble or bass portion of a sound separately for sustain and punch

NAMM 2015: UA Announces Apollo Expanded Software

Interface combining, new plug-ins and more...

Hit The Right Loudness target

TC Electronic introduces new Loudness Normalization plug-in with stand-alone capability

Sonnox Announces New Plug-In Bundle

Sonnox LIVE is a bundle of plug-ins specifically for Avid VENUE consoles

Want Perfectly Neutral Sound From Your Headphones?

Sonarworks offers high-definition studio headphone calibration

Tremolo/Panner For Mac And Windows

Audiority releases Tremolan

Extreme FX For Mac DAWs

Sinevibes Extremum AU effect plug-in features phaser, chorus and filter algorithms

Reverberation From The Cold War

Balance Mastering releases an impulse response set of the NSA listening tower in Berlin


Software Preamp And Headphone FX For Hardware Interface

Sound Magic releases Serenade Headquarter VST for Windows and Mac

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Podcast:Sonic TALK 389 - Damn! Its NAMM!

What we know, and what we dont know


1 NAMM 2015: The ARP ODYSSEY Returns

The official word is out

2 NAMM 2015: Roland JDXi First Look

Roland's new "Synth Crossover"

3 NAMM 2015: Dave Smith and Sequential Prophet 6

So a true analog poly is possible..

4 NAMM 2015: Roland's New JD-XA - Big Daddy Of JD-Xi

Now this looks interesting too

5 NAMM 2015: Moog Announces The Return Of The Modular

Three large format modular synthesizer systems to be made available in a limited run

6 NAMM 2015: Akai Timbre Wolf Analog 4-Voice

Who guessed this was coming?

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Lovely to finally meet the founding father...

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14 Years of Vermona being back in the synth game

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