Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Plug-In Emulates Distortion Stompbox

HoRNet releases the HDS1 for Mac and Windows

Abbey Road Console Inspires Free Plug-In

Shattered Glass Audio releases Code Red Free for Mac and Windows

Keyboardists Plug-In Aid For Switching Presets

4drX releases MidiKeySwitcher VST for Windows

Sonnox Extends Summer Sale

Price reductions for the rest of this month

Noise Gate For Drums And Percussion

Bayou Media's Drum Gator uses transient detection combined with spectral analysis

VST Compressor For Mac And Windows

Dotec-Audio releases DeeComp

Clipping Plug-In For Mac And Windows

SIR Audio Tools StandardCLIP increases volume or adds odd harmonics

Multi-Function Effects Process For Reaktor

Amazing Machines releases WRECKER - Wave Folder

Waves Ships The Cobalt Saphira

Plug-in shapes harmonics and adds track glue


Mastering Compressor For Mac And Windows

Beatskillz releases Slam Dawg


Advanced Noise Gate Plug-In

DMG Audio releases Expurgate for Mac and Windows

Tilt EQ Plug-In

Goodhertz releases Tiltshift for Mac OS X

Sinevibes Sale

20% discount on AU plug-ins

New Version Of 10-Band Parallel EQ

Barratt Audio releases Equavescent3 for Mac and Windows

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1 Logic Updated - Alchemy Synth Added

Logic Pro X version 10.2 includes Alchemy's synth among other changes

2 Polyphonic Walkman Powered Mellotron!

Crudlabs Crudman is a mellotron-like instrument based around a walkman

3 Roland System-100 Plugout

Legendary Semi-modular is now a plugin/plugout...

4 Electro-Harmonix Tease With New K9 Pedal Pic

It looks like you'll be able to play electric piano from a guitar pretty soon

5 8-bit Hardware Synth Relaunched

Soulsby release Atmegatron at a new price and launch the miniAtmegatron

6 Vangelis And Eno Sounds For Arturia's CS80

VSP Vintage Legend sound set offers classic Yamaha CS80 sounds

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Combines synthesis and sample playback with up to 6 layers

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