Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Plugin Alliance Summer Sale

Individual plug-ins discounted and the more you buy the less they cost

Plug-In Features Interracting Filters

SKnote releases SoundBrigade for Mac and Windows

AudioThing Releases Fog Convolver

Mac and Windows convolution Plug-in applies the sonic character of an impulse response to another sound in real time

TC Electronic Introduces PolyTune Plug-in

A polyphonic tuner for your Mac or Windows DAW

Import A Drum Loop - Export A MIDI File

AudioGaming releases GrooveExtractor drum loop transcriber for Mac and Windows

Neve-Inspired EQ Plug-In

Sonimus releases Burnley 73 for Mac and Windows

The Last Delay You'll Ever Need?

UVI releases Relayer plug-in for Mac and Windows


Juno Synth-Style Chorus

HoRNet releases Chorus60 plug-in for Mac and Windows

iZotope Releases RX Final Mix

Plug-in that puts every sound in its place is on sale during June

Soundtoys Announces 2015 Summer Sale

Discounts on plug-ins until the end of June


Free Excitement

Fine Cut Bodies releases La Petite Excite exciter plug-in for Mac and Windows

Plug-In For Automatic Volume Swells

PechenegFX releases AutoSwell Light for Mac and Windows

Plug-In Recreates Classic Stompbox Flanging

D16 Group's Antresol is now available


Free Rhythmic Gate

Alex Hilton/A1 Audio releases A1TriggerGate for Mac and Windows

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Arturia Beatstep Pro Presentation Exclusive

On the eve of release we get a good look

Podcast: Sonic TALK 409 - Post Glasto Kanye Come Down

LFO the movie, AJH Synth Mini Mod, Scope art

Synth Works:Abstract Data - Show Us Their Workshop

UK maker sends us some insider snaps

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig

Live modular performance setup

Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?

Podcast: Sonic TALK 408 - Reface and Glastonbury

Travelling lite, grumpy engineers,


1 Yamaha ReFace Teaser 3 - What News?

Surely the picture is getting clearer?

2 Arturia Beatstep Pro Presentation Exclusive

On the eve of release we get a good look

4 Create EDM Grooves

Hal Leonard's new book, Electronic Dance Music Grooves, shows you how

5 VCOADSR Live Electronic Setup At Cymru Beats

What you can do with a Cirklon, modular and Eventide FX

6 Play Up To 16 monosynths Polyphonically...

With the Future Retro Mondovox Poly MIDI router

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