Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Generate Grooves For Ableton

Audiomodern releases Random Groove Generator PRO for Max for Live

Free Multi-Band Resonant Filter

Audiothing releases Filterjam for Mac and Windows

Soundtoys Introduces EchoBoy Jr. Delay Plug-In

Seven iconic analog echo emulations in one easy-to-use creative tool

Lethal Sound Designer

Nomad Factory's GARBAGE LSD audio transformer plug-in can mess-up any audio signal

Waves Ships Primary Source Expander

Plug-in automatically lowers mic levels between musical phrases

Suite Of 16 effects For Any DAW

Tracktion releases DAW Essentials Plugin Collection for $99

Life And Texture For Your Recordings

XLN Audio's RC-20 Retro Color creative effect plug-in features six unique FX modules

Create A Solid Foundation Level For Mixing

Audio Vitamins releases Structure gain-staging workflow plug-in

Plug-In Shapes Flow Of Time And Pitch

Cableguys says that TimeShaper can twist time and transform any sound

Your Music's Frequency Content Displayed

SIR Audio Tools SpectrumAnalyzer is a state-of-the-art spectrum analyzer plugin

Multi Effect Processor For iPad/iPhone

Virsyn AudioEffX features 7 effects modules chained together in any order

More Fender Guitar Amps Modelled

IK Multimedia and Fender announce Fender Collection 2 for AmpliTube

LA-2A Compression Revisited

Black Rooster Audio says their VLA-2A for Mac and Windows is the world's finest emulation

Plug-In Treats Cymbal Bleed In Tom Tracks

Joey Sturgis Tones introduces Tominator

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6 voices of Oberheim goodness

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Korg Wavestation For iPhone And iPad

Create sounds with time-varying timbre, on your mobile device with iWAVESTATION

MPE-Compatible Keyboard Controller

Keith McMillen Instruments introduces Kickstarter campaign for the K-Board Pro 4

Soundtoys Introduces EchoBoy Jr. Delay Plug-In

Seven iconic analog echo emulations in one easy-to-use creative tool

100 Polivoks Synths For Sale This Week

Online auction starts Saturday for the limited edition re-issue of the classic Russian synth

Korg Debuts iKasossilator for Android

Is this the start of a new era for Android?

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