Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Bass Enhancer Plug-In releases Pentode audio VBE-1 VST for Windows

Revoice Pro Updated

Synchro Arts release version 2.6 for Mac and Windows

Polyphonic Multi-Effect Sequencer For Mac

Sinevibes releases Sequential 3.0

3 Surround Reverbs In A Single Plug-In

Flux releases IRCAM SPAT v3 for AAX/AU/VST

Free Chorus Effect For Mac And Windows

Acon Digital releases Multiply plug-in

Sonnox Summer Sale

35% off plug-ins and bundles during August

Plug-In For Electronic Transition FX

AIR releases a teaser video for The Riser

Electronic Music Production Toolbox

Waves introduces the Dave Clarke EMP Toolbox

Transparent De-esser Plug-In

XILS-lab releases XILS DeeS for Mac and Windows

Free VSTi For Windows

Beat Assist releases Esfera synrth for ambient and special effects

Harmonic Enhancer With Vintage Valve Emulation

AudioThing releases Valve Exciter for Mac and Windows

Easy Bus Peak Limiter

Voxengo releases EBusLim for Mac and Windows

BBE Sound Releases Sonic Sweet v3.0

Bundle optimized with additional Mach 3 Bass enhancer plug-in

Complete Toolkit For Stereo Work

DMG Audio releases Dualism for Mac and Windows

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1 Modulus News

First dealer announced for British modulus.002 synthesiser

2 Drum Pads For Your iPad

Simmons Stryke6 iPad controller features six velocity-sensitive pads plus two foot pedals

3 A New Home For Your Mixer

ZAOR introduces the MAREA media workstation

4 Two New Casio Sampling Keyboards

The CTK-2090 and LK-175V will make their debut in September

5 An Orchestra On Your iPad

Crudebyte releases iSymphonic Orchestra app

6 Modular Synth Kontakt Instrument

Samplephonics releases Dirty Modular

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