Sonic State Music Tech News: software

Fourth Generation Acoustic Calibration Software

Sonarworks releases Reference 4 for Mac and Windows

MAGIX Releases Fully Customizable Music Maker Editions

Plus & Premium editions wil provide the exact sounds, instruments and features you want

Editing In Pro Tools Made Easier

Recorditor lets you mark good and bad takes during recording then performs your edits

Propellerhead Announces Reason 10

Biggest content update ever includes 6 new instruments, 1 effect and over 3GB of samples

Immersive 3D Audio Software Tool

Flux:: releases SPAT Revolution

Presentation: Tim Exile and SLOO

Shed Loads Of Oscillators

IK Multimedia Announces T-RackS 5

A new version of the mixing and mastering modular system for Mac/PC

MOTU Updates Digital Performer

DP 9.5 introduces ZTX PRO audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting DSP

MIDI Controller For The Roland Boutique TB-03

Integrate your TB-03 Bass Line into your DAW project and control it

Series: Live With LIVE - On Stage Monitoring

Make sure you are prepared for any options

First AI Composed + Produced Album To Be Released

The rise of the robots - run for it!

Feature: Tim Exile And His Amazing Flow Machine

Gaz Williams talks to Tim

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 510 - Squishy Artefacts

Koma Field Kit FX, Telharminium, Klevgrand Brusfri, ThroyBoard

Tim Exile Releases SLOR

Shed Load Of Resonators

Sonic LAB: Prophet REV 2 Polysynth Review

We take a look at Dave Smith's latest synth

Sonic LAB: NI Maschine MK3 Review

Gaz Williams takes a look


Dreadbox Abyss In Action

New video shows off the sound capabilities of the 4-voice analog synthesizer

iLok Cloud Is On Its Way

Easy access to your licenses from any computer with an Internet connection

Redesigned MOTU 828ES Audio Interface Ships

New design offers ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC technology and control room features

Buchla Twisted Waveform Generator In Software

Softube announces Buchla 259e, the first ever officially licensed Buchla plug-in

Roland Releases Rubix Audio Interface Line

Rubix22, 24 and 44 are designed to offer a balanced combination of sound and features

More Videos

Tutorial: Generative Music Techniques In Live 


Into The Abyss - A Look at the Greek Poly With Gaz Williams 

Gaz Williams has one and he brought it round

Synthfest 2017: Tasty Chips GR-1 On Show 

Granular synth on display

First Look: Native Instruments Maschine MK3 

New hardware, new features