Sonic State Music Tech News: sounds

Gamelan A Ding Dong

Sample Logic's new virtual instrument morphs and mutates Balinese gamelan instruments

New Sound Library For Korg Krome

Kid Nepro releases Studio Session Mix

Vangelis And Eno Sounds For Arturia's CS80

VSP Vintage Legend sound set offers classic Yamaha CS80 sounds


New Sounds For Korg Synths

Karma-Lab releases Catalyst Volume 2 - Blast of Inspiration for Kronos models and Oasys


Nord Updates Sample Library

Sample Library 2.0 for Nord keyboards optimizes existing samples and adds new sounds

Hollywood Sounds For SampleTank

IK Multimedia releases Cinematic Percussion instrument

Italian Combo Organs For Kontakt

autodafe samples Farfisa and Crumar instruments

EASTWEST Subscription Offer

Free trial and streamlined pricing for Composer Cloud subscribers


50 Ambient Presets For Sylenth

ModeAudio releases Continuum - Sylenth1 Ambient Presets


Diatonic Steel Pan Sounds

Precisionsound releases Sun Drum for NI Kontakt and Logic EXS24

VHS Tape Sounds For Analog Rytm

Elektron releases the VHS Crosstalk Sound Pack

Virtual Church Organ

Best Service releases Organum Venezia

Farfisa Syntorchestra Sampled

Detunized releases Farfiso Live Pack and multi-format library

Infernal Machine Revisited

Studiodevices releases French Infernal Reverb impulse response library

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Synth Works: Inside the Berlin HQ Of Koma Elektronik

New products, jams and towering stock rooms

Sonic LAB: Arturia Beatstep Pro Review

Three tracks of CV and more

Sonic LAB: Boomstar Modular SEM Filter

Eurorack format classic Oberheim sound with drive

Cakewalk Rapture Pro - Review

Combines synthesis and sample playback with up to 6 layers

Live Blog: Modular Meets Elektrons

Photos on videos from the Leeds meet


1 Roland System-100 Plugout

Legendary Semi-modular is now a plugin/plugout...

3 Build Your Own Eurorack Modules

Bastl Instruments releases its first batch of DIY kits

4 Modular Meets Leeds: Thonk DIY

We talk to Steve at Thonk about the DIY Eurorack scene

5 New Sound Library For Korg Krome

Kid Nepro releases Studio Session Mix

6 How To Get That Berlin Sound

Blog demonstrates a way to get the sound of classic Berlin School of Electronic Music artists

More Videos

Stekker 2015: Colin Benders Modular Setup 

Mr Kyteman gives a performance and a rundown of the modular rig he used for performance at Modulation

Yamaha ReFace CP - Piano Exclusive 

More than meets the eye

Stekker 2015: What is Studio Stekker? 

Colin Benders explains the philosophy and point behind Studio Stekker

Stekker 2015: Thijs de Vlieger of Noisia 

We caught up with one third of the Drum and Bass trio to talk modular