Sonic State Music Tech News: studio

MESSE 2015: Slate Digital Raven Z3 Station

Increase your workflow with the mother of all touch interfaces


MESSE 2015: iConnectivity Releases iConnectAUDIO4+

Multi-Computer Audio & MIDI Interface enables creative workflow possibilities for Mac, PC and iOS

MESSE 2015: Apollo Update - Windows

Windows for Firewire users

MESSE 2015: Warm Audio Shows Pultec EQ Clone

Classic Pultec sound going for a song

MESSE 2015: Brand New Analog Dub Delay Spotted

Prototype S-CAT & Oram Dubsta-Delay Box looks Badass


MESSE 2015: Connect Up To Four Apogee Ensembles

Apogee announces multi-unit support for Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface


MESSE 2015: Presonus Studio 192

New USB 3.0 Interfaces with Fat Channel


MESSE 2015: UA Apollo Converters Update

This is what the new units use


MESSE 2015: RME Launches Babyface Pro

24-Channel, 192 kHz bus-powered professional USB 2.0 Audio Interface


MESSE 2015: Rack And Power Up 500 Series Processors

dbx introduces PowerRack8 power supply

MESSE 2015: New AKG Studio MIcrophone

C314 dual-diaphragm condenser microphone unveiled

MESSE 2015: New Version Of Classic Kick Drum Mic

AKG introduces the D112 MKII with flexible mount

MESSE 2015: Audio Interface And Studio Command Center

PreSonus announces the Studio 192 USB 3.0 26 x 32 interface

MESSE 2015: Universal Audio Update Apollo Range

New hardware and a Firewire version for PC users

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Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave

Part 1 of an extraordinary chat

Podcast: Sonic TALK 398 - Marc Doty And The $1million Dollar Controller

Bob Moog Foundation, Artiphon and HTML5 Drum machines

Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synth Review

Little package, big aspirations

Arturia Microbrute Plus Pedals = Jam

Polara, EHX and Boss pedals meet


1 MESSE 2015: Roland JD-XA Demo

With Scott Tibbs

2 Nord Introduces Stage 2 EX

Stage 2 line updated with doubled memory for piano library and ultra-lightweight 76-key model

4 MESSE 2015: Awesome Arturia Beatstep Pro Demo

8 Brutes and the Beatstep Pro

5 MESSE 2015: Roland System 100M Analog Modules

Made in conjunction with Malekko

6 MESSE 2015: Native Instruments Updates

Company reveals the Future of KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards

More Videos

MESSE 2015: AJH Synth MiniMod 

A Mini Moog Model D in your eurorack

MESSE 2015: Sound Machines Modular Mind Control 

A look at some very interesting modules from Italy!

MESSE 2015: AIRA Modular System 1M And More 

New Digital Modules too

Sonic LAB: MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer Review 

3 Osc Analog monster mono from Berlin